Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Dear Warehouse Sale 2012 Review

The first thing that popped into my mind, susah gileeee nak cari tempat ni!!

No such address in Garmin. Followed Googlemap, still lost. But we found it in the end you can actually see it from the main road.

Anyway, it was not as big as Pureen warehouse. The item ranges from stroller to carseat to baby's crib to toys and even some baby clothes.

Stroller was super duper cheap! Starting price: RM90.

Carseat was so-so. Baby clothes vary from Carter's to Gap to Osh Kosh, but I was not sure whether the Osh Kosh was original or not, so I ended up not buying them.

No regrets there.

But I did buy safety gates for both our home and Mum's. Cost us RM95 each.

Overall, ok. But I guess I expected more ;p

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