Saturday, March 10, 2012

Preparing for solids :)

Made this chart for Baby Khaira based on

I'm looking forward for the day I get to introduce solids to Baby Khaira. Pray for me, insya Allah I will be given the strength to cook for her everyday. I want her to eat the healthiest food possible, doakan!!! :)

Btw, on Saturday I went to Mid Valley's Baby Expo.. Ohh.. How disappointing! Only 1 hall for the expo, so damn packed and we didn't buy anything there! But we dropped by at the organic shop, Just Life to buy brown rice and instant baby food for Khaira..

Brown rice = about RM17 for 1kg
Instant oat= about RM7 for 0.5kg

Last week, Khaira dah jadi Kakak!! One of my bestfriend back in high school gave birth to a wonderful boy..

Assalamualaikum Eusoff!! :) Welcome to the world.

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