Monday, April 2, 2012

Celebrating mothers!

MIL's birthday - Haji Sharin Low, Ampang

I realized that the best thing of not having to be the first child in my in law's side is that I don't have to plan for everything.

Seriously, I'm running out of ideas on where to eat on everyone's birthdays or where to have our holiday every single year and the worst question is the 'when'. Adoi! People nowadays are like Prime Minister, you have to make appointments months earlier!

'Love' missing in the photo.

It feels nice to not have to crack your mind (and come out with almost the same idea everytime pon) sometimes. So, I could just enjoy and relax with the whole family, esp. Love and Khaira.. Must thank BIL and SIL for the brilliant plan.

Found my favourite dish this time: Ikan masak asam pedas, not the kuah one but rather the dry one. (Taktau nama, but sedap sangat!)

Mum's birthday, Haji Sharin low, Kajang.

First time here, it's cozy and spacious. And the service is superb!

No cake this time around, but Beryl's chocolate with crushed Oreo filling, custom made, how do you like it? The box are also edible, made of Beryl's chocolate. :)

Bought it through Groupon, but if you like it, this is the link --> Pandanus Chocolatious.

I love the taste, i love the look and the service! Excellent job!!

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