Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh my Khaira!

Dear Khaira Asyikin,

Masya Allah, how I miss you at this very moment! (Am now in APR's retreat, but too blur to concentrate).

This morning was by far the hardest for Ibu to go to work. You refused to let me go. I am very sorry, but I have to.

If I'm not working, who's going to teach all my students? I am sure you understand. I know you're gonna do better tomorrow.

It broke my heart seeing you crying that bad every morning. Ibu feels demotivated to go to work if you continue like this, Khaira.

I know we had a lot of fun last weekend. We sat next to each other most of the times, you held my hands; i held yours; we were bonding like never before. As much as it is hard for you to let me go, I feel equally hard to let you go.

But, we have to move on. And you know we'll spend more time once I'm home, and we'll be bonding again by the weekend. In fact next week, Ibu will take a leave just for you ok?

Be patient, my little ones. The time will come when I get to spend every minute of the day with you. Soon, insya Allah. I owe a lot to you, I know. I'll try to make it up, it's a promise.

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