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Stimulating your baby

I read this in "What to Expect: The First Year" and found some interesting parts I believed worth sharing.. So, I combined them and came up with these..

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Stimulating your baby (below 6 months old)

1) Love unconditionally  
     Even during colic or tantrum.

2) Relate to your baby
     Your goal at this moment is not to teach her, but rather be involved with her. Sing or talk to your baby when you're changing her nappy or when you're bathing her. Play with them, the most educational toys are useless if you don't play with them.

3) Get to know your baby
     Learn what makes your baby happy or miserable, excited or bored, soothed or stimulated.

4) Take the pressure off - and have fun
     Please don't pressure your baby! Let them progress at their own pace.

5) Give your baby space
     Adequate attention is vital; too much can be stifling. As much as Khaira seems to be clingy with me, I realized I am also clingy to her. Urgh! Baby steps.. The tips: spend quality time playing with your baby, but sometimes, just get baby and toy together and watch from sidelines.

6) Follow the leader
     As of now, baby is in lead. Let her choose what to play, when to end the play session (though it's just starting), again try to have fun with your baby.

7) Time it right
     Remember your baby has VERY short attention spans.

8) Provide positive reinforcement
     Hugs, cheers, applause. Khaira usually smile shyly when we did all these :)

Stimulating your baby (above 6 months old)

1) Large motor skills
    Stand on your lap and bounce, pull to sitting, squat, pull to standing, anything physical.

2) Small motor skills
     Soft toys, blocks, real household objects (which they love a lot eventually), balls, finger games, etc.

3) Social skills
     Expose your child to a varitey of people of different ages. Do this while shopping, while visiting your frinds, try bring your baby as much possible when you go out. Teach them to say 'hi' or waving bye, blow a kiss, say 'thank you'.

4) Intellectual and language skills
     Names are recognized first - Ibu, Abi, etc. Then, basic words - Yes, No, Bye. After that they will imitate what you say before saying their own words. You can encourage them by playing stimulating games like peek-a-boo, sharpening baby's auditory perception (emphasize and repeat the same words), introduce concepts (coffee is hot, wates is for drinking, etc), encourage curiousity and creativity, and always remember learning should be fun!

P/S: Also, I read What to Expect when You're Expecting, when I was pregnant, I believe it's a good read, and every pregnant mummy should have it. It makes you feel so normal. Hee :D I shall rate that 5/5 :)

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