Monday, July 2, 2012

Love doesn't work one way

I've been quite unhappy with work for the past couple of months.

You see, the place I'm working currently is also the place where I did my foundation, my undergrad, my master, my PhD, my first real job, everything lah in a way. And I've a very sentimental value towards this place.

I used to go to the office smiling.. :) Greeted by beautiful horses every morning, awww how I used to love this place.

But love doesn't work one way, and lately I feel like I'm the only one loving, so it breaks my heart; pieces by pieces, waiting to shatter.

Since I plan to retire early, I thought of retiring here, but now my future seems a little blur.

At the moment, in probably what seems like some attempts to make me happy, the company I'm working with try to compensate with this..



And several other things.

But seriously.. there's only one person that can make me stay..

And I'm waiting for him to come "home" hopefully very soon. They said "patah tumbuh hilang berganti."

But not in my case. I miss him, a lot.. still.

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