Sunday, July 22, 2012

The beginning of discipline

I believe it's time to start disciplining Little K.

Sounds harsh? Haha. Though many associate the word discipline with punishment, the meaning is actually teach (from Latin).

Nearing a year old, at times Khaira has her own tantrums. Sometimes even the smallest thing can make her angry, eg. when we're not alowing her to put something in her mouth. But I try to understand that what might seems very simple to me is a serious thing to Khaira. Nonetheless, there is no way I would let her shout at everything we're not allowing her to do.

Some of you might not agree of the thought of me disciplining my baby that early. Here are some reasons why I feel I should:

1) To instill a concept of right or wrong to her.
I believe if I start to tell her what's right or wrong in a later part of her life, she would become confused and asked, "Why is it ok for me to do that previously?" I am aware that she might be too small to fully grasp the concept, but big enough to slowly digest it.

2) To plant the seeds of self control.

3) To teach respect for the rights and feelings for others.
A baby is after all a baby, with the self-centered nature. But, to help her grow from a baby to a caring and sensitive child is our task.

4) To keep my sanity later on ;p

Everyone has different parenting styles. Nobody likes a tantrum baby/toddler that cry out loud in public. For me, I look up to two mommies when it comes to discipline, BFF Maria especially and Kak Iza :)

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