Monday, September 24, 2012

My parenting vs your parenting

After about a year nursing Spiderbaby, I guess nursing has become very natural to me. Alhamdulillah. I am forever grateful as I remember how hard it was for me, that first couple of weeks when Khaira was born. I always believe that everything happens for a reason though, and after a year I finally understand why my breastfeeding journey started off so.

In the environment where I live, breastfeeding has been a norm. Everyone that I know in my office breastfeeds. Even before I got married, in every conference that we went, they would bring two large bags, one for their laptop and the other for their breast pump. And I would observe with amazement of how this magnificent machine works.

I admired their determination. In my mind back then was that, my baby had to be breastfeed. There is no alternative way. Back then, I had a perception that those who did not breastfeed were either ignorant or plain lazy. Little did I know the challenges of breastfeeding. And how much determination it takes. I learned, not in an easy way, but owh well.. if that's the price I have to pay, Alhamdulillah :)

When my EBM's stock spoilt due to power disruption in our house, my heart broke into million pieces. At a sight of seeing random friends posted their dozens of bottles of EBM in the freezer made me numb.

"We have to always look back at the purpose of why we breastfeed," my pumping buddy once told me. "Is it to give the best to our baby? Or more of for show? We don't want the good 'niat' at first changed to 'riak'." I took that advice to heart.

A little reminder to self and to all mommies, and so we breastfeed our baby, yes. And give her the healthiest food we thought we could. And the best stimulating toys. Even the best educations. And we attended the best parenting courses. How sure are we that our child would turn up as the best? And is our best equivalent to other people's definition of best?

Having one healthy happy baby doesn't give the right for us to condemn other people's method of parenting. Whether she wants to breastfeed her child or not or whether she wants to dress her child in high heels or etc.

There's a fine line between 'condemning' and 'advising'. And between 'showing off' and 'motivating'.

May we be on the better side of the lines. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Langkawheeee again :)

Langkawi again!! :) Third time in three years. First, during our honeymoon (read it here) and then with my mom (read it here).

We travelled to LCCT by bus and ERL. Khaira? It was her (and mine) first time by train, super excited! No worries, mommies, ERL and shuttle bus are super convenient for babies. ERL is on time and the interval is every 20 minutes.

As of the plane, it was Khaira's second time (read Khaira's first time at 7mo here). So, she behaved better :) Plus it was just an hour away! We rented a Suzuki ERV MPV auto for RM350 for 3 days, super cheap. Thank you, SIL and BIL for the contact numbers!

Day 1

Our first visit is to Beras Terbakar, shopped for some souvenirs.

Then, to Mahsuri's tomb.

After lunch, we checked in, stayed in Perdana Beach Resort Apartment. Very convenient especially with Baby K. I blended the rice and vege beforehand, cut the fish into small cubes. So, in order to cook Khaira's food, just dump the rice, vege and fish in the microwave for 10-15 minutes.

Later in the evening, we went to the Eagle's statue. And after dinner, we wrapped our day!

Day 2

Was drizzling in the morning, but just as we reached the island hopping's jetty, the weather was all perfect, Alhamdulillah. The boat ride was much better than Bali's but somehow Khaira was a bit unsettled here.

First stop, Tasik Dayang Bunting :) Had a timeout just Love and I for our solar boat ride. Owh how wonderful!

Next stop, Eagle feeding.

But the best has got to be, Pantai Beras Basah!!! Look at my little girl! How she loves the beach! ♥

Later in the evening, we shopped at Chenang and then to Wan Thai, Kuah for dinner as suggested again by BIL and SIL! Sedap and murah okeh. All these for RM156 :)

Day 3

Started our morning with swimming at the pool. Khaira was super happy!

Then, after lunch, shopped a little bit more. Love and I took another time out for a little Spa treat. Had my pedicure and scrub, Love and a foot massage.

And that was how our sweet trip ended. Best! Alhamdulillah, since I brought my whole family with me, everything is smooth sailing. Food sedap, murah, even island hopping we got it for RM25; previously with hubby and mom, RM35 each.

And travelling with my little traveler meant the word to me!

Next trip, Penang!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


At this very moment, I have my marking to do, some thesis to be read, presentation slides for my conference in October and of course my PhD and some final stuff to settle for my holiday to Langkawi.

"Ay ay so much work to do. Never mind, can do later, work can never finish, let's blog first. I have been abandoning my blog for a while!"

Ah ha! That's procrastinating already!!

Procrastinating has been like a drug to us, we know it's bad and yet oh my god how addictive and convenient.

I once heard someone say, "If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it." And that was when I knew I had to change.

"Nah, I'm gonna do this after a little facebook." And while browsing your Facebook, you found out that your friend just got engaged. Called her up for a while to congratulate.

"Well, how often do a friend got engaged." Since you guys haven't been catching up for quite some times, you talked for about half an hour.

 "How often do I call her anyway?" Then, when it's time to start doing your work, you'd feel you should have a toilet break for a while. Then met your friend, go for a tea break.

Trying to start doing your work again, boss gave another job. And then that was it, that was when it was 5pm, you should be packing but you're just about to start your actual work.

How fun is procrastinating, right?

I have an easy punishment to myself. Every day, I would use my sticky notes, writing what I should do for the day, if I couldn't manage to get it done by that day, I would stay in the office until I can finish it. Go back late = very little time for Khaira = not happy = cranky Khaira = sleepless night = full of regrets.

Usually works, my motivation is of course my little ones.

However, some other suggestions that work for me:

1. I believe in "Blink". A little planning = good. A lot of planning = equally good. Stop thinking too much, just start/decide whatever you want and usually, insya Allah the ideas flow like a waterfall.
2. If the task is hard and you feel like holding it until you have the mood, then just starts doing it. The more you push it away, the less mood you'll have.

3. Just start, even though you are 5 minutes away before lunch time. At least you get some basic idea on what you should do.

4. “Do the hard jobs first. The easy jobs will take care of themselves.” - Dale Carnegie

5. Stop procrastinating with the simplest thing. When you wake up in the morning, snooze for 5 minutes, that's procrastinating already. If you can eliminate all the small things, the big one will be just a piece of cake.

Let us all aim for a quality lifestyle.

Baby steps insya Allah.

Woman :)

Pardon me for the lack of update, am currently in thesis writing mode.

Menawhile, would like to share this..