Friday, October 26, 2012

Khaira's first year food review

As some of you might already know, Khaira Asyikin was born a colicky baby as similar to me. As she reached 6 months old, she could better tolerate my milk, except when I ate sticky rice (pulut) of all kind be it tapai, or even lemang, then the three of us would have a sleepless night. But the new challenge was that we had to introduce her solid. And here are some guidelines for parents who are having colicky baby like ours.

Khaira started to eat solid a couple of days before she turned 6 months. Due to her condition, we followed the three days rule strictly. We first introduced her to banana. Then, we introduced her to brown rice. Just brown rice; no fruits whatsoever.

Bear in mind though, that wholesome food is more gassy than the white ones. Thus, after three days of having brown rice, we mixed them with white rice. Later we added barley, and a few days later, Khaira ate a combination of white rice + brown rice + barley + oat.

Barley help reduce cholesterol levels 

This rice combination is actually a Korean's culture, where they would put a lot of other combinations in the rice such as sticky rice, beans, nuts, even sometimes sunflower seed. I found it a brilliant idea when I had them at my MIL's place, less carbs = more nutritions = happy :)

Since I'm working, what I do is that during the weekends, I would wash the white rice, brown rice and barley, let them dry. Mix them together with oat and blend for a week's stock and store them in a refrigerator. This way, I would be able to cook the porridge in less than 20 minutes.

Until Khaira was 8 months old, she was a vegetarian. I wanted her digestive system to work slowly. I gave her all the fruits that she could tolerate; from my observations: Dates, honeydew, banana, papaya and grapes. But she doesn't fancy grapes that much. As of vegetables, she could tolerate carrot, zucchini, salad, cauliflower, and spinach. She doesn't fancy spinach that much.

Banana can diminish the uncomfortable effects of diarrhea and constipation

After 8 months, I started to introduce fish and tofu. Her favourites are Siakap and Salmon. I introduced Siakap, Salmon, Merah, Tenggiri, Dory, and Senangin. She ate three times a day, a combination of white rice + brown rice + barley + oat, fish and vege. So far, her digestive system tolerates to all the fishes that we gave her, but bear in mind that some fish gives itchiness to baby. So, I did not give to Khaira the ones that I couldn't eat during confinement.

Salmon has Omega-3 fatty acids that help your brain to work better and improve your memory

At 10 months, I introduced chicken and mushroom but she couldn't take it. She developed a skin rash, I decided to postpone them. I thought it's about time Khaira needed some snack, thus I introduced her to bread, first the white ones, then wholemeal, she loved them a lot.

As she reached a year old now, she could tolerate chicken. I added some variety to her food, yesterday I made some noodle soup for her. With onions and anchovy as a little flavour. I grilled her fish, previously just rebus, added some sesame or vegetable oil. After this, I intend to introduce spaghetti to her. Also, bought some Heinz teething biscuit for her snack, would try today.

I never added salt or sugar in her food. Ketchup or chicken stock lagilah tak. Tried to give her the healthiest that I could.

Every parents has different things that they are particular about. I'm very particular about what goes in into my baby's mouth. And yes, I received some distructive comments about what I gave to my baby. And yes, I wonder why did they feel  troubled about what I gave to my baby. I was the one who needed to carry a pan everywhere to heat up my baby food during Raya, I was the one to wake up at 5.15am every working day to cook for her.

But, really it's ok. Soon, Khaira will reach 2 years old, then she shall have more freedom to eat as what everybody else eats. Not that I wanted to take all her freedom, just thought that if she was going to spend the rest of her life, eating like us, why not just delay it a little. :)

P/S: Food that gives her colic the most: Potato, watermelon, sticky rice.

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