Saturday, December 8, 2012

Informal teaching with flashcard - DarwishDarwisya's Method

Overwhelming responses to my previous post of flashcard :) Thank you, peeps!

Some shared on the flashcard apps like Superflashcard!! Check this one outt!!

Khaira's milk mother shared on the gorgeous flashcard she did by herself, Masya Allah :)

Some asked whether it's really working. Wallahualam. But this is the chart of our brain growth from baby to adult.

It grows rapidly from 0 - 6 years old, where at 6 y.o, it reaches to about 80% of the adult's brain already. Why not just try to put in Al-Quran at this very early stage, insya Allah. I have faith that benda baik mesti dimudahkan.

Anyway, for Selangor, it's a public holiday this Tuesday, yay!! I'm going to Big Bad Wolf with my Big Friendly Giant, then later for a movie, just the two of us. :) Super excited!!

But, if you don't have plans yet, perhaps you can spend your day as what I have been spending my couple of weekends ago..

Sticking the flashcards everywhere around the house. Now 'homer' looks like a nursery already!

As I mentioned in the earlier post, I have 5 sets of flashcard.

One set I hung them everywhere in my room in mom's place.

One set I hung at homer.

One set for Spiderbaby to bite and chew.

One set for me to teach her formally.

One set in my handbag.

So, why stick them everywhere?

Very simple, every time I bring her to the fridge, I would say, "ha", then when I open the door I say "ba". Everything is subconscious, because she would look at the hijaiyah alphabets everywhere she goes. Every time I passed by the alphabets, I would pronounce them to her. So, she would be more familiar with the alphabets, until the day comes when she recognizes the alphabets. I would then ask her to pronounce them for me every time I open the fridge or door or etc.

Learning for babies need repetition. Because they learn too many things in a day, they might forget others.

And why do I have a set of hijaiyah alphabet in my handbag?

 Actually, to be honest, I'm just about to start with this one. Insya Allah, baby steps. But according to Puan Lina, this is especially useful for the alphabet that is hard to pronounce.

When you go out, while looking over a beautiful garden or playground, introduce one alphabet that is hard to pronounce and pronounce it for your baby while showing the flashcards.

Repetitively, then insya Allah your baby will get use to it :)

That is all the sharing session for the day! Happy public holidaying! :) Next session insya Allah on stimulating your baby's right brain.

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