Thursday, December 27, 2012

Stimulating baby's right brain - DarwishDarwisya's Method

The easiest way to stimulate your baby's right brain..


One of the most powerful technology in hypnotizing your mind.

The ones that define everything. That has the most powerful influence to your children, unfortunately.

I'm sure subliminal messages in Disney were not something new to us.


The Little Mermaid

The Lion King

Some critics said "it was your mind that has been programmed and hypnotised at one time or another in your life to think that they were dirty or going to be dirty drawings".

Yeah, sure.

Go ahead, take a look at this youtube video, "Naughty Cartoon Drawings".

Then, pause and wonder. Is it safe, those cartoons you let your children watch.

Such a scary world.

So, while you can control what they can or cannot watch, let's just introduce them to something very safe, no hanky panky. My choice at the moment..

Very boring you might say. But if you introduce this early to your children, way before Spongebob and Upin Ipin, this will be the ONLY entertaining thing they know. (Btw, Spongebob also has subliminal message, please google :( )

I might be a bit late. By the time I introduced this to Spiderbaby, she was already obsessed with a ridiculous show called, "High-5". Everytime I watched that with her, I went like, "Seriously??"

But, after a while, she found Al-Furqan VCD interesting and almost every day, when I got home, she would bring me the CD and asked me to play it for her.

Whether it helps or not, in terms of her learning capability, I am not able to assess just as yet. But for me personally, why not educate while entertain.

My choice after Al-Furqan..


kzedz said...

salam ikeen, kat mana ya nk dpt2 cd2 seperti ini?

Dr. Ikeen said...

Salam Kzedz,

Ada certain MPH mcm kat Alamanda ada.

Di PKNS Bangi ada juge kedai buku, nama Syabab ada.

Tapi saya beli di service dia pun best, cume ada RM6 delivery charge.

Dr. Ikeen said...!/~/category/id=1568754&offset=0&sort=normal

Juga boleh beli di sini :)

kzedz said...

Tq so much Ikeen!

Semoga segala urusan kamu sekeluarga dipermudahkan tahun ini, Amin