Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The art of hypnotizing

I fell in love with hypnosis the first time I heard about it. And even more when I learned about it during my hypnobirthing class. Ever since, I learned a lot through reading.

Currently I'm reading a book on hypnosis which I don't really feel like sharing the title in my blog because it might be a little taboo to some people. But, the content is interesting and very suitable to establish better connections with our spouse and our children.

According to Dr. Alvin Teoh, hypnosis is defined using 3 I's:
1. Influencing
2. Inconspicuous
3. Incremental/immediate change.

There is of course a big difference between influencing and persuading. When you persuade, it is just for a specific situation. But when you influence, it's like you're putting someone under your spell. Sounds scary, but actually very useful if you use it for the right purpose.

Inconspicuously means putting things into someone's subconscious mind. Most of the time, we know that our subconscious mind takes over our decision making. For example, you plan to go for a holiday. That is your conscious mind talking. But your subconscious mind suddenly decides to go to Paris because you have been influenced by the media that it is such a romantic place to visit.

Hypnosis is very similar to the movie 'Inception' where you plant the idea in someone's mind. So, sometimes you see the results immediately, sometimes the change is incremental.

I will review on this throughout my post later on.

As of today, it is worth mentioning that the most important key in hypnotizing that you must remember is that, "the best hypnotist is someone who can hypnotize himself/herself".

So in order to make your husband to find you beautiful, you must feel beautiful first. In order to make your student thinks that you're confident enough when teaching, you have to feel confident first. In order to make your daughter feels that you love her unconditionally, of course lah you love your daughter unconditionally kan... Hehe.

It is important to make yourself feel so, because what you believe will actually influence the way you stand, the way you sit, move, walk, talk, etc..

So, how to make you feel beautiful, confident, etc.. that's when the hypnotizing took place. Hypnotize yourself first. It's a very simple exercise, actually. In your mind, list down positive things about yourself or a very positive scenario.

Example, to make me feel confident in a presentation, I would always remember the day I impressed my examiner during my Master Viva. Add colors and details to what you're thinking.

Where am I in this situation, what do I see, what is the surrounding like, is it bright, how do I look, what do I wear, who is there.
Is it quiet, what are the sounds I hear, what did the examiner said, what did I say to myself.
Even to the tiny detail like how do I feel, is it cold, how close is the examiner to me, etc.

And alhamdulillah, so far it works for me :)

Don't be scared of hypnotizing. It is actually a more subtle way to influence your loved ones, especially in my case, my students to be a better person altogether. Rebellious teenagers found it easy to just push away your advices, this might be a helpful method.

After all, if you're not doing it, someone else might have already done it to them. Some people are born with these things. And I think I'm married to one. ;p

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