Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The birth of one, the lost of the other

My SIL gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on 26th December 2012!

Say hello to Imaan Iris :)

I finally have a niece, and Khaira now has a cousin!

The day Imaan Iris was born was also the day a cousin of mine lost her 6 months old baby girl in the womb.. Or so the doctor said.

The baby stopped moving altogether for a couple of days and when my cousin went to see her gynae, the doctor said there was no heartbeat anymore, the baby's head started to shrink and etc.

After seeing her gynae, the baby started to kick and move again as if telling the mother, as according to my cousin, "she's still alive but in pain." This persisted for two days. And on the second day, my cousin told her daughter, "If it's best for you to go, both mama and papa redha."

And that was when the baby stopped moving altogether.. Permanently..


And even more sad when the stillbirth baby as of today, is still in her womb. Her gynae advised the baby to be born naturally, where she'll feel some surges and then eventually she'll give birth normally as it should be.

I pray the best for my cousin and her family. And I pray that people around her would be more understanding and more helpful in helping her get through this.

When I was at risk of losing Baby K at 14 weeks old in the womb, I couldn't even imagine how life would be, to go on without her. Be strong, cousin. We'll get through this..

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