Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A simple CNY update!

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone whose celebrating it!!

What we did on CNY:

1. Grab a new phone :)

Pardon me Mr. Steve Jobs, but the Stylus makes it very appealing

2. Bring Khaira Asyikin to KLCC park

Lasak like Abi!

3. Date with Love

Triple Decker O'Briens taste very different nowadays :(
4. And gathering with my loves

At Serai, gotta love the Pavlova but not the Cempedak Cheese (yes, we tried that thanks to Love (T_T))

Such a joyful holiday! In fact on Monday, we went to 4 shopping malls in a day. Had sooo much fun <3>

P/S: Watched the 'Silence of the lamb' finally. Okbye.

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