Monday, February 4, 2013

Baby's food - Darwish Darwisya's Method

Khaira's lesson on Hijaiyah is still going on as usual Alhamdulillah. Still yet to memorize all the letters, perhaps I need to buckle up, work harder.

At times I lack of motivation, I always remember what Pn. Lina said, Syaitan knows that my baby has the capability to memorize the Quran, thus he sends more army to bring me down. Ya Allah, grant me strength. Grant Khaira Asyikin and my husband strength for we are just another slave of yours. Ameen.

So, have you tried the supplement suggested? Anyhow, I have two more tips on your baby's food that I learned during the seminar..

1. Air zam zam, hard to get? Well, yeah.. Quite hard and expensive here. RM12 for 500ml. But, what Pn. Lina did was to mix a small amount of Air Zam Zam in her daily's drinking water. Why? Because a study shows that if we pour in a small amount of air Zam Zam in a larger amount of normal drinking water, the molecule of the normal drinking water will eventually follow the structure of that small amount of Air Zam Zam. Amazing. The Almighty is very considerate, Subhanallah, since we don't have an easy access for the Zam Zam water, He makes life a lot easier for us :)

2. Allow the water and rice (raw) that your baby is going to consume to be exposed to the sound of Al-Quran, perhaps while you're playing Juz 'Amma at your house. See, the study shows that the structure of the water changes as according to the sound it listens to. That's the reason why, our prophet, Muhammad SAW said that “Zamzam lima syuriba lahu”, which means “Zam-zam water will do the message and the intention of the one who drink it".

Simple tips, easy to try, so don't let them hold you back! Happy trying!!!

“And we create every living thing from water.” (Q.S. Al Anbiya: 30)

[1] Semina Menghafal Al Quran Cara Darwish Darwisya

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