Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Di hamparan Shamrock - A review

The first religious book I read was "Aku terima nikahnya" by Ustaz Hasrizal and I was immediately hooked.

The way he wrote, is very near to people like me.

Take La Tahzan for example. I can't really relate to that. It makes my self esteem as a Muslim goes down the drain, hehe..

Anyhow,  I just finished reading "Di hamparan Shamrock" by the same author. It was like walking down a memory lane of 11 years of his life in other countries; to name a few.. Ireland and Jordan.

I read it at the very right time.

Doing a PhD is not an easy thing; not physically, not mentally, not financially.

Since I am not willing to wait for a scholarship from the university, I decided to do it part time. Mann.. Imagine, teaching, supervising, administration work, and research at the same time; not forgetting.. Daughter, sister, mother, wife all at one go.

Part time = pay it myself. On top of that, PTPTN+housing loan+car loan+ASB loan. :)

And mentally simply because time is against you. Perhaps someday, when the time is right I shall share how challenging PhD is for me mentally. Even at the thought of typing this down, I had to hold back my tears.

And "Di hamparan Shamrock" is something I really can relate to. I hardly cried when reading a book, this is one of those which I just refused to read in public.

To a friend of mine, the ones I wish to keep for life, the ones who gave me this book as it was her love at first sight.. This book will go from one hand to the other in this lab, as a motivation for us here to wrap up our 3 years work.



kzedz said...

Satu perkongsian yg sgt menarik dan bila sy membaca sinopsisnya, tertarik utk membaca.. InsyaAllah smg dipermudahkan hari esok utk mencarinya. Terima kasih Ikeen kerana sudi berkongsi hal-hal yg begitu baik sekali

kzedz said...

Sedikit sbnyk sy dpt rasakan apa yg Ikeen rasakan.. Seminggu sebelum menghantar thesis master, sy bnyak menangis kerana terasa begitu kesuntukan masa. Sedih kerana ada masa yg telah sy siakan begitu sahaja tapi sy tidak menyesal.. kerana masa itu sy sgt enjoy sementara anak masih dlm kandungan.. :)
Semoga dipermudahkn urusan PhD dan lain2..

Dr. Ikeen said...

My pleasure :) Life is about sharing. Research life nih memang mencabarkan esp bile kita jadi mom.. And the feeling is mutual. Tak pernah menyesal because I enjoyed having Baby K dlm perut and besarkan Baby K with such fun! Thank you juge Kzedz for the support dan semoga membesarkan baby dgn happy selalu. Let us treasure the moment!