Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Panic attack


Thesis is yet to be done, 21 more days to go.

ITEX is coming up, I'm leading one project. A month plus to go.

ICP is due today. Haven't start anything yet.

PRGS? Ohh.. Been pending for three days.

Torray Grant is coming up.


Dear Allah, help me.

On a brighter note, I'm crossing Number 7 of my Achievements List this year, yay!

The background of my Note!

Ok, I'm back to thesis everybody!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A good laugh

I don't usually get jokes. :(

Except the nerd ones. Yeah, lame!

When Love told me some jokes from his WhatsApp friends, he had to tell me at least twice, with some explanation on the jokes afterwards and ended it with, "Sayang, it's no longer fun when I have to explain the joke to you!"


Take this one joke he told me recently..

Love: I wish if Jessica Biel had a son, she would name him "Batmo"
Me: Whaaatttt??

He repeated the jokes and said, "Sayang do you get it?"

Me: Batmo. No. Whattt?
Love: Try to combine the son's name with the surname.
Me: Still don't find it funny.
Love: Laaaa... Batmo Biel (as in Batmobile, Batman's car. WTH??)

*Crickets sound*

Love: Tak kelakar ke?
Me: Shouldn't it be Batmo Timberlake?


I'm that lame...

I didn't join in when my family gathered in front of the TV to watch Maharaja Lawak or Karoot Komedia, because I only understand perhaps about a quarter of the jokes. Which most of the times, Love thinks I misunderstood them. So. Sad.

But last night, Love and I decided to have a date night and to support our local quality movie, we watched Lawak Ke Der 2.

And Oh my Goddd... I had a good genuine laugh! Seriously. Was so funny that I feel like watching it all over again.

Go watch everybody! Let's support our local quality movie like this, yay! Kudos to Hans Isaac, Harith Iskander, Nabil, Boboi and Jozan. Jangan main2, now I can differentiate between Johan and Zizan already okeh!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Must have been a blessed week.

Positive vibes are all around me and received many good news this week :)

1) Increment in travelling and electricity allowance, woootttt!!

2) BB1M (times 2 cuz Love gave me his), yay!

Let's just pray this year I won't 'accidentally' finish it within an hour in my uni's bookshop buying programming book!!!! S.O.G.E.E.K, grrr..

3) Love got an offer as a Manager in a different department. He's in a deciding process, doesn't matter the decision, the offer is flattering enough.

4) And as for me.. Let's wait for the news until it is official *wink* ;)

Alhamdulillah. *Sujud syukur.*

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An aqiqah and a birthday party

It was baby Imaan's aqiqah last weekend. Omg.. She's so adorable!!

Pelamin, hee hee..

She sleeps like a baby, with SIL and BIL

With in law's family..
Since Imaan's aqiqah was in the morning and we had Eusoff birthday party in the evening, we decided to drop by at H&M Setia City Mall. Bought a winter jacket for Baby K (for our Goldcoast trip) for only RM39!!

Some pics candid by Love while we were waiting for our turn at the cashier.

Baby K was wearing the new winter jacket :)

And, this is TiSya, Baby K and Adik Eusoff.

A perfect 'family' photo :)

Say whattt?? #2

Baby K talks a lot nowadays at 16 months old.

3rd March

Baby K pointed at a photo of a gorilla in one of her books, showed to my dad and said, "Datuk!" (as in, "This is you, Datuk") Laughed and ran away. We, on the other hand tried hard not to laugh so she won't think it's funny teasing people that way.

4th March

"Thuthu (susu)" She said, pointing at my you-know-what. So, I laid next to her to feed her and as I unbuttoned my shirt, she said, "Totop (tutup). Malu!" Laughed. And drank anyway. I was like... WHATTTTT????