Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An aqiqah and a birthday party

It was baby Imaan's aqiqah last weekend. Omg.. She's so adorable!!

Pelamin, hee hee..

She sleeps like a baby, with SIL and BIL

With in law's family..
Since Imaan's aqiqah was in the morning and we had Eusoff birthday party in the evening, we decided to drop by at H&M Setia City Mall. Bought a winter jacket for Baby K (for our Goldcoast trip) for only RM39!!

Some pics candid by Love while we were waiting for our turn at the cashier.

Baby K was wearing the new winter jacket :)

And, this is TiSya, Baby K and Adik Eusoff.

A perfect 'family' photo :)

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