Sunday, June 30, 2013

ITEX 2013 and Utusan Malaysia

Alhamdulillah, I won silver in ITEX 2013!! :)

Funny when we won gold twice previously, it was not in the news.

Was in Goldcoast during ITEX so thank you my Supervisor for presenting on behalf of me :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tangga at Homer!

Yay finally!! Alhamdulillah :)

RM1300, not bad huh?

Buying and selling shares

Found this Figure that summarizes the process of buying and selling shares!!
Hope it helps!!~

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tips for PhD Viva

So, my Viva has been postponed again to 8th July, I hope this time is for real. But yeah, Allah SWT knows best. So, I hope I will make full use of the plenty times given to me.

Anyhow.. I asked the 'Doctorate Support Group' I joined in facebook for the tips in Viva.

So let me just share with you some of the tips that they shared with me:

1) Know your research novelty
2) Bismillahi tawakkal tu a'lAllah wala haula wala quwwata illa billahil a'liyil a'zim
3) Confident and smile consistently
4) Remember all the famous authors with the year
5) Relate your work to prior research work
6) Solat hajat :)
7) Give charity before viva
8) Recite Rabbi yassir wala tuasir throughout
9) Viva day - Read yaasin after solat subuh
10) Think positive!!
11) Recite yassin the night before and pray so that the examiners will listen to our explanations and understand them
12) Zikir/Al fatihah all the way from home to viva place
13) Selawat to Rasulullah before starting the viva
14) Relate the findings and objectives clearly
15) Seek for the supervisor's blessings a day before the viva
16) Run test the slides before you start (meaning come early) and check all the equipments
17) Light meal for breakfast on the viva day
19) "Examiners role is too assist you" :) 
20) Solat tahajjud, solat hajat n solat dhuha, baca selawat tafrijiyah n zikir rabbi yassir
21) Ask for parents or husband to recite yassin and solat hajat during our viva
22) Virtual viva -->

May we benefit from their sharings!! :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Investment Part 2

It started with the frustation of working so hard to earn so much and ended up paying a lotttt for the loans. My student loans are a lot. Foundation + Degree + PhD, and yup I'm paying my PhD on my own.

I am not interested in business, not my strength. I just want some passive income.

So, the moment the company I'm working with offered me 6 lots (1 lot - 1000 units) of their share with the price of RM6.38 per unit, I quickly contacted a remisier from TA for a loan. Bought all 6 lots.

My rezeki, I signed the agreement just before the election and sell it once I got back from Goldcoast where the price went up because our previous government just won the election again.

Alas, my profit is RM2 per unit. Minus the remisier's fee, interest and etc, give me a clean RM11k. I dedicated all of the money for parents trip to umrah. I believed that is their rezeki because the moment I decided to bring them to umrah was the moment I received the share offer.

Along the way, I learned a little bit here and there on stocks. On some potential public listed companies; those that looks promising and those that offered superb dividends.

So, I opened up a CDS account of my own. Need just RM10 per account. And with the capital of RM5k, started to invest.

Bismillah.. The profit is for our (Love and I) turn to be the guest of Allah, in shaa Allah.

Never a day goes by without me thinking of this place :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013


I stayed with 6 girls in my lab for PhD. Girl power, y'all!

They were at least 7 years older than me. And ohh.. living their life so lavishly. Like a dream life for me.

So I wonder.. I mean if both Love's and my salaries were to be combined, we are in a category of high income (until you minus all the student loans, car loan and housing loans) and yet where do the money goes?

30% a month to ASB and Tabung Haji with around 7% dividend a year.

Am I happy with it? Oh yes at first. Not anymore when I met these girls.

One of them, the wife of a CFO.. inspired me a lot :)

So I started to study on other investments. I'm not interested in properties, too lazy to monitor. Not working for my dad, the tenant ran away, three months unpaid utility bills and the house was a wreck.

I started small, with gold investment. My choice..

Let me explain a little bit on gold. Bought it when the price was down; which was the lowest by far at that moment. And until today, the price is still going down :( If I sell mine now, I'd lose about 21% already.

Not mentioning how much hassle I went through for my gold purchasing to ensure it was syariah compliance, the worse thing for me is the spread.

Now what is spread?

Spread is the difference between the buying and selling price. And for public gold, around 7% ok. That's a lot. :(

I guess gold investment is not for me.

So I started with something else, which adds RM11k in my account last month. A total of 24% profit for me in less than a month! Rezeki Ibu and Ayah nak pergi umrah :) Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah.

How did I manage to do that? Will share it next entry, in shaa Allah.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Third year anniversary :)

Love had to go to Butterworth on our anniversary.

And a day before our anniversary, I had to attend a conference in Melaka. Lame :(

It was just a couple of days after our long break to Goldcoast, but being a sweetheart, Love took a leave and followed me to Melaka, of course together with Baby K.

But it was a short one. Checked in at Bayview after work on Monday night and check out first thing in the morning the next day.

The celebration was nothing to be remembered about. It was just another day for us.

But there's one thing I learned about on that day, on how much my husband sacrificed for me.. The fact that he postponed his outstation to accompany me to Melaka because he just couldn't bear I'm driving alone to Melaka and had to sleep without Khaira.

That's a big thing for me, because Love is VERY dedicated to work. And to be reminded that Khaira and I are always on top of his list just make my day :)

May we have a better celebration next year.

Minor renovation at Homer!

Little K has been eager of climbing the stairs by herself nowadays.

Being a paranoid mom, it never failed to make my heart skip a beat every time she did that at mom's place.

But at our own, it always a battle. I would never allow her to do so even with micro close supervision.

So, we had a minor renovation at our crib last weekend.

Cost us RM1300 all in.

Should be ready by next Sunday. Can't wait!!! :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

PhD viva?

So there I was, 24 hours before my Viva. My every inch of body feels tense and excited at the same time.

During Zuhur, my friends told me, tomorrow at this hour, we're gonna celebrate your doctorate. Ameen, ya rabbal alamin.

At about 3pm, supervisor called,

"I am very sorry to tell you, it seems like the email sent by COGS to one of the examiner bounced back and he didnt even know your viva is tomorrow. It's very unfortunate, I am sorry."


All the weeks that I went home late for my baby, the weekends I sacrificed, the admin works I put on hold, and whaaattttttt???

Then, it all makes sense to me. Allah must asked me to prepare better, Alhamdulillah.

So my Viva has been postponed to 25th June, please extend your du'a for me friends. May I come back on the 25th with the best news of the century, Ameen.