Sunday, June 16, 2013

Investment Part 2

It started with the frustation of working so hard to earn so much and ended up paying a lotttt for the loans. My student loans are a lot. Foundation + Degree + PhD, and yup I'm paying my PhD on my own.

I am not interested in business, not my strength. I just want some passive income.

So, the moment the company I'm working with offered me 6 lots (1 lot - 1000 units) of their share with the price of RM6.38 per unit, I quickly contacted a remisier from TA for a loan. Bought all 6 lots.

My rezeki, I signed the agreement just before the election and sell it once I got back from Goldcoast where the price went up because our previous government just won the election again.

Alas, my profit is RM2 per unit. Minus the remisier's fee, interest and etc, give me a clean RM11k. I dedicated all of the money for parents trip to umrah. I believed that is their rezeki because the moment I decided to bring them to umrah was the moment I received the share offer.

Along the way, I learned a little bit here and there on stocks. On some potential public listed companies; those that looks promising and those that offered superb dividends.

So, I opened up a CDS account of my own. Need just RM10 per account. And with the capital of RM5k, started to invest.

Bismillah.. The profit is for our (Love and I) turn to be the guest of Allah, in shaa Allah.

Never a day goes by without me thinking of this place :)


Anonymous said...

Share more bout it.. love the idea of investing but very2 green about it..


Dr. Ikeen said...

Yanty, sure. I'm so excited to share the knowledge!! :)