Thursday, July 11, 2013

The day I passed my PhD viva gracefully

Alhamdulillah.  I am surely a blessed servant of Allah SWT.

That morning of 8th July, god knows how many butterflies wander around in my stomach, I arrived safely at the viva place an hour before my viva. Greeted by a good friend, Kak Husna who came for the moral support.

One of the external was already there! I was not ready for a small talk with my examiner, but I ended up with one I'll forever treasure.

While setting up the slides, BFF Sumayyah surprised me with her little boys. Came all the way early in the morning for me!! At that point, I told myself.. I must do this. For everyone around me.

With the 2 Ms

15 minutes before viva started,  my friend Sajaa came. At this point, everything I read became just some blurry lines. She told me to recite Al Ala instead. I did and felt good afterwards.

I began my presentation with full confidence. One of my external fell sick on the day, he just sent his report and the chairman decided to proceed. At that point I know that for that external examiner, I already passed with minor correction. Otherwise they won't proceed with the viva.

And when I presented with my full of animations slides inspired by Love, I knew I had the second external examiner. You just knew the look of awe. Later when I was done, she said, "the slides were too beautiful that I immediately forgot what to ask you."

Right after presentation, the chairman opened the floor for general questions. The external gave me only 1 question and 2 from my internal examiner. The questions were very minor. Then, I know I had this.

Taken by my supervisor during viva when they went through the thesis page by page

Specific questions were very minor too. My viva was done in an hour; thats a new record.. the fastest so far. With very minor correction to be done in a week. Normally they gave 60 days. Just to show how minor it was.

5 minutes after viva taken by Kak Husna, was trying to call Love to tell him the good news
Right after my viva, a good friend, one of my mentor asked me to come to the pantry where he.. I repeat it's a he.. baked a cake for the first time in his life for my viva. It was perhaps one of the best carrot cake I had in life.

More lovely friends came..

And met some more for our pre celebration at Nando's.

So now I'm struggling with my correctionns. And I guess I'm the happiest person in  planet earth who was about to be awarded as a Dr before I even turned 28. Alhamdulillah.

My gratitude goes to my supervisors, my hubs for the continuous support, my daughter, my parents and family, my lovely friends and to everyone for the doa of which without it I myt not be here today. Alhamdulillah.


Anonymous said...

congratulation ikeen

Dr. Ikeen said...

Thank you :)

kzedz said...

Ikeen, congrats!!
Sorry sangat dah lama tak menjengah blog.. terus2 cari cerita yg dah tertinggal..