Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My 40 days jurnal inspirasi

Recently, one of my colleagues went to Celik Momz seminar by Prof Muhaya. And up until today, I kind of regret of not going. I don't even think I have a solid reason of not going, simply ignorant at that time. Next year then in shaa Allah.

It was I guess a life changing experience for this colleague of mine. She introduced to us the '40 hari jurnal inspirsi diri' by Prof. Muhaya. Bought one and left them for almost two months with only 1 page written on it.

At first, I kind of thought it was silly, you know the journals. It has like 5 parts for you to fill in every day; on what you would like to be physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. I thought, 5 things to do a day were burdening, what more to add 5 new things for every day until day 40. I don't like setting a sky high targets that makes you stop jumping to reach it half way through.

Only recently, this friend of mine thought us how to use the journal.

It works actually for your subconscious mind.. You wrote everyday, for 40 days on what you want to achieve. The same thing, for 40 days. So it will stick to your mind that you have to do it.

For me, because I get that satisfaction of crossing things out of my list once I was done with it, I wrote things I want to do everyday for 40 days; and I crossed it everyday once I'm done with it. There were days when I was unable to cross that list, and it pressured me to try better the next day. So, I super love this book!!!

The hardest thing to do for me, was the "emotional" part. Mine was to be nice to Love for 40 days. And of course, in shaa Allah after day 40 it becomes a habit. I told Love hoping he would be flattered. However, he told me, "Ohh Sayang, I'm gonna make it really hard for you!"

He did.

He purposely make himself so lurus bendul just to annoy me. I couldn't stand lurus bendulness, so there were days I did not manage to cross that one out of my list. Once, he even let me drive his car to work without any road tax to prove a point that if you're not paranoid about it, you would't get caught. There I was screaming at the top of my lungs at the other line of the phone to him once he told me when I arrived safely at home.

Funny right, the people you thought would help you most. (T_T)


rina said...

I bought the same book too and now the book lying helplessly on my table.. tp betullah rina pun tersalah guna cara buku tu.. will try it again

Dr. Ikeen said...

Josm Rina, bila dah reti gune sebenarnye bergune sangat sangat, I suke bangattt!!!

rina said...

benda yg sama everyday eh? can you give some example.. I still rasa susah nak tulis apa visi, tujuan dan matlamat.. ada beza ke ketiga2 benda tu

Ir. Dr. Ikeen said...

Benda sama everyday sampai u rasa benda tu dah jadi habit dlm diri you. Bexa dia, Visi tu apa visi you. Tujuan tu, kenapa you nak buat benda tu. And matlamat, mcm mana u nak buat benda to. Contoh:

Visi: Baca Quran everyday
Tujuan: Nak Qatam
Matlamat: 1 hari 20 ayat