Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Seminar Fiqh - Ibu Bapa Mithali - A review: Part 3

Dr. Nawwar Ariffin: Kesihatan Fizikal dan Mental Anak

This is the most exciting speaker of all! It was sooo exciting that Love approached him at then end of the talk to thank him for such enlightenment.

The content of the talk actually didn't relate that much to its title. Nonetheless, it is still super interesting, even without any handouts.

He said the biggest mistake us parents normally do is that we treat our children as a small adult. Example, when they play loudly in a friend's house, we'll become so mad and literally scream at them. We have to think the way they think and lower down ourselves to their thinking so we won't end up so mad. Then,we can be calm and advice them nicely.

Other than that, he also talked about equilibrium. In whatever we do to our child, there must be a balance. Time to study, time to play. But the best toys for the babies are the look of the face and the tone of voice of the parents.

He mentioned that it is sooo easy to take care of the physical and mental of our children. How? Go back to religion. That's it.

Dr. Nawwar also reminded us to tolerate in almost every aspects with the kids EXCEPT about studies.

Besides, we must always answer whatever our kids asked us. Even though it is vulgar. Otherwise, they will asked Mr. Google and it can get worse. I guess I have to equip myself with the answers from now.. Suspense! (T_T)

Dr. Nawwar's session is more of sharing his own experiences, the good and the bad and that what makes most of the participants able to relate to his talk. He told a story on how he once did something and how his son followed it. He learned that our children will always follow what we did; whether it's good or bad.

He also talked about how he promised his son something. And when he got back late at night from work, forgetting to buy that something, the son was already waiting for him looking for that something he promised. Then, he learned to keep his promise every single time.

He asked the fathers to analyze how many hours they spent with their children in a day. And for mothers, analyze the QUALITY time spent. Insafff...

For him, despite of his hectic schedule (he's the youngest orthopedics in Malaysia, top 10 nominees as the astronaut, served in Gaza and Palestine, owned a clinic for kids with free treatments, go imagine how busy), he made a point to send the sons to school everyday and pick a different topic everyday as a discussion with them.

He pointed out several issues that need to be stressed in parenting:
1. Parenting without direction
2. Knowledge deficiency
3. Manners and culture
4. Adulthood and pornography
5. Health and safety

He said, to tackle any issues, to answer any question, we must relate to the Almighty. For example if he asked, "Why is this flower red?" We can begin our reply with, "You know that Allah SWT is the ones who created this flower. It is red because..."

Most importantly, he taught us that what we give to the top must always be the same with what we give to the bottom. He never fails to remind us about our parents, especially our Mom. The ending of the talk was the most touching when he cried after being asked about his late father.

He comes from a family who is not doing that good financially (told us how his dad once cried for not being able to provide him money for his outing), but look at who he is now.. Suhanallah.. Such an inspiration. May Allah SWT bless this amazing soul and his parents whom just A.MA.ZING. :)


Anonymous said...

thank u ikeen..appreciate much for the sharing..


Ir. Dr. Ikeen said...

Thank you for reading too, feels motivated to share some more. :)