Sunday, September 29, 2013

Seminar Fiqh - Ibu Bapa Mithali - A review: Part 4

 Dr. Tengku Asmadi Tengku Mohamad: Mendidik Anak Cemerlang

Hye guys, pardon me for the longgg break.. I just got back from 3 days of being a housewife and 2 days of vacation in Cameron.

Anyhow, let me talk about Dr. Asmadi. He began his talk with the three things we left when we die:

1) Ilmu
2) Sedeqah
3) Doa from soleh/solehah child

He asked us to make the doa as our habit.

Dr. Asmadi once conducted a survey to around 1000 students during his motivational talk. He concluded that:
- 10% of students make their parents as their idol
- 15% of students make Rasulullah SAW as their idol
- 80% of students solat 5 times a day

So, he asked us to strive to introduce Allah SWT and Rasulullah SAW to our children. Eg. "You're such a good girl, Allah SWT loves a girl like this, so does Rasulullah SAW." Or when she did something that is nto good, "This is the behavious that Syaitan likes".

He reminded us not to say something bad about our children in front of them.

Dr. Tengku is a certified practitioner in NLP. So, most of the stuff he said are familiar to us.. the things we practiced everyday. Such as to say positive things when we want to scold our children and do it repetitively. It's okay to nag, as long as it is positive. 

He said, our behaviors (eg. blink of the eye) are controlled by the subconscious mind. And this subconscious mind and bad habit can be trained and programmed by using NLP.

The scariest part of all is that, whatever we did with high intensity will go straight to our subconscious mind. Love, anger, hate, annoyance.. Such strong emotions need to be taken care of to our children.

He asked us to also look of the character of our children before we treat them. Not every child behaves at their best when we talked to them nicely, and not every child feels motivated when we challenge them.

Time is against this last speaker, so he ended his talk with the list of things that we need to teach to our children according to its priority:
1) Religion
2) Personality and ethics
3) Academic
4) Skills

If time permits, in shaa Allah, BFF Sumayyah will continue about the 4th speaker that I missed in a different entry. :)

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