Monday, October 28, 2013

How I wean off my Little K

Two years old marks a gigantic step for Khaira.

It started with weaning off.. no more breastfeeding, sweetheart! *yay*

The yay is because, it hurts like crazy laaa.. she has sooo many teeth now and I have lesser milk, so you get my picture right. Plus the Quran said until two, and friends said that beyond two it gets harder to wean them off (lagi kesian) and they became so dependent (I want her to be manja and yet independent at the same time) and my milk is almost gone nowadays, beats the purpose right.

I didn't do coffee, salt, balm, plaster, none. I tried Barely Supermommy's  method. It works like magic!! Thank you, Dr. Halina.

Everyday since she was 18 months, I kept telling her, she needs to drink using bottle when she turns two. I made sure she said ok.

 Since I myself hate abrupt chanegs, I tried not to do it to my baby.

What I did..

At 18 months: "Khaira, you can only drink Ibu's milk after 11am ok!" So right after she woke up until 11am, no Susu Ibu as what whe was referring my milk to.

At 20 months: "Khaira, you can only drink Ibu's milk after 1pm ok!"

At 21 months: "Khaira, you can only drink Ibu's milk after 5pm ok!"

At 22 months: "Khaira, you can only drink Ibu's milk after 8pm ok!"

At 23 months: "Khaira, you can only drink Ibu's milk only when you want to sleep at night!"

At 24 months: "Susu Ibu finish already, let's drink Khaira's milk (as what she was referring to her Enfagrow)

Along the way, I bought God knows how many bottles.. gambar cupcake lah, frog lah, sheep lah, so I let her choose, "Susu Ibu habis, what bottle do you want today?"

She got so excited to choose. And totally forgotten about my milk.

Of course sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn't.

Persistent is the key.

And of course, I'm just a mother, some times I felt so kesiannn.. But now at two years and a week, I can proudly say, she weaned off for almost two weeks already.

I'm proud of you, Big Girl!!

Next step, separate bed.. *Close my eyes and pray*

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