Saturday, October 26, 2013

Khaira's 2nd birthday party

Khaira's 2nd birthday party was rather mundane..

That morning.. after we cooked the food for 200 guests.. we received the news of the passing of my grandmom. Too late to call off the party and couldn't afford to waste the food, dad asked us to proceed while the whole family left to kampung before the event started.

It started with a tahlil for both my grandmom and uncle..

I'm forever thankful to my aunt and dearest colleague,  Red whom came to help us since both my parents and mil weren't there. Mil was in Korea at the moment.

Khaira had two birthday cakes this year, the ones below was proudly done by my sil..

I would like to thank my lovely friends whom made it on that day and make the whole sadness easier for a while. I love each and everyone of you..

Some pics that Love managed to capture..

Happy birthday, my sweetheart. May next year we have a better celebration.

I love you.

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