Friday, October 11, 2013

The birthday I don't feel like remembering..

We've had a perfect plan for my birthday.. yet I woke up with puffy eyes.. too much tears from last night..

It started all well. On the 10th, both Love and I spent the night at Istana Budaya.. so much laughters. We came home late, perhaps around 1am. Straight away went to bed at mom's place as we need to work that Friday.

2 hours later.. mom called. I was kinda annoyed. It was 3 am and mom could have just knocked my room. I didn't pick up her call.  Went to her bedroom and it was empty. I started to panick. So I called her back.

"Uncle Mi passed away," she said in tears. I was numb. This can't be happening.  See, my grandmother from dad's side was seriously sick. She was in a hospital with life support. Both of my grandparents from mom's side was sick. My aunt recently got her leg amputed. But Uncle Mi was as healthy as a horse. The night before, he spent the entire night with my dad mamaking. What the hell is going on??

Was hoping it was a dream. I guess it wasn't.

He was the closest uncle I've had in my life. He was there with me in every stage of my life..EVERY.

Too hard to write the good times we've had. He passed away due to heart attack, the thing he never had before. Friday morning, kebumi on Friday, dalam 10 zulhijjah. He's one of the kindest person I've met in life. He's just 51.

I'm still at shock. Loss for words. Insecure. And I miss him god knows how much..

Al fatihah Mohamed Helmi Mohd Saad. I love you. You'll forever be missed.


Zu Lisa said...

al-fatihah. smg rohnya dicucuri rahmat. amin

Ir. Dr. Ikeen said...

Thank you Zu Lisa