Monday, November 11, 2013

What PECIPTA 2013 taught me

The whole week last week, I was juggling between my graduation and PECIPTA. PECIPTA stands for Persidangan dan Ekspo Ciptaan IPTA. It was an exhibition to acknowledge the university research that is ready for commercialization.

This year, I was a member for three different project. It was fun. Previously, I was a leader for ITEX and MTE in 2010, 2012 and 2013. Being a member takes my mind off things for a while.

It gave me time to observe the different leadership skills exist, and which one I want to be. I now understand that being a leader doesn't mean you have the power to command people every now and then rudely. My standard on rude is quite high.. Leaving a 'please' in your every request is unacceptable. That taught me that you're gonna be around for the longest time.. better make yourself pleased while we were at it.

I even learned something from this one little girl whom is very dear to me.. she said something like people reacts to you what you reacted to them, or rather what you feel for them.

I learned a lot from the Trump book I read, which for me was a mindblowing and I highly suggest this to all of you. He said your mind controls only 5% of your life.. another 95% is your subconscious mind. So for me.. the first rule of being a leader as I learned in PECIPTA is to really respect every member of your team. The rest in shaa Allah, the way you request something from them will affect your conscious mind.

I also have a habit of isolating myself to the max. My ex student (now a good friend) used to relate me to a malay song that I never heard of before. It sounds something like in a village, there's a really old house with a box under that house. And under the box there's a frog and that's me.

Honestly, that was a slap in the face, one valuable lesson I learned from a student. "Pick a friend who drained you or inspired you," he said. Some people inspired me in a different way.. to others they just drained me..

Anyhow.. I took his advice and Trump's.. so I walked around.. socializing.. passed around my card. But I think I'm gonna do better the second time around.

Although, the ending was the best. The three projects I involved in.. we obtained a silver and 2 bronzes. And other additional bonuses than those I mentioned above is that I never felt any closer to all the true friends I have in my lab. How blessed I am. Alhamdulillah.

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