Friday, December 20, 2013

How we put K to sleep on her own bed

I've been anticipating and preparing for this day for quite some times..

The day I know I'm pregnant!

Yes friends, Khaira is gonna be a big sister!

I had myself checked a day before I went to Japan. I wasn't late. But on the day I should have my period, I have some spotting. Which was weird. That was how I did the pregnancy test and later confirmed with the doctor. Alhamdulillah.

When we arrived to Malaysia, Khaira started to have some sleepless nights. Masha Allah, lasaknye kanak2 itu, she kicked my tummy every hour and Love couldn't even sleep at night, he needed to sleep on the floor.

I guess that was the cue.

For a couple of months before, both Love and I had set up a lovely little bed for her. And almost every day we told her this is her bed, she needs to sleep on her own because she is such a good girl, yada yada.

So at first, once she fell asleep in our bed, we'd put her in hers. When she woke up she'd find herself on her own bed.

Until lately, she demanded to sleep on her own. Simple as that.

I believe it is all a fitrah. So when we take her cue, everything turns out smoothly. Alhamdulillah. :) she sleeps better than before on her own bed.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Chiba, then we say goodbye.

While I had my training in Chiba (which was an hour away from Tokyo), my loved ones had fun in Asakusa. Asakusa is a historical place with a big temple and a street to buy souvenirs, somewhat like jonker.

Back from Asakusa, our nightmare began. Khaira had a bad food poisoning, causing her to throw up for more than 10 times that day. Lucky we had a friend who stayed for a few months already in Japan. He gave us a list of some hospitals and english speaking clinics that opened the next morning. Khaira didn't sleep well that night.

The next day, she vomited only once but developed a fever and colic since he refused to eat the whole day.

Anyhow.. all we could think of was to go home at that time. I'm glad we're home now. Both love and mil developed a fever and diarrhea as well :(

Still, we had fun. Especially in chiba castle..

The view of sunrise from our hotel room right before we left for the airport.

It's just good to be home :)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fun in Tokyo

That Saturday, I moved from Tsukuba to Akihabara alone. Tsukuba and Akihabara are two different prefactures (in Malaysia, we have states, Japan divides the area by prefactures). Tsukuba is in Ibaraki prefacture, and Akihabara is in Tokyo prefacture, an hour away by train.

Love arrived at 11 pm and MIL around 11.30 pm. So I picked them up at Haneda airport alone. Gamble je naik train, first time had to switch from one train to the other. Alhamdulillah.. I survived the complicated Japan train.

View in Haneda airport, Christmas spirit is on

We managed to catch the last train at 1210 am to Apa hotel, Akihabara. Otherwise it would cost us around 8000 yen (rm250) by taxi. The hotel price in Tokyo over the weekend hikes up to 2.5 times than usual. Crazy.

That Sunday morning, we went to Odaiba. Had lunch with our cousin which happened to be there for a 3 month training as well..

Odaiba is an island filled with shopping malls and other attractions like legoland, madame tussauds, park, etc.

After lunch, we strolled along the beach, overlooking the rainbow bridge. They called it rainbow bridge because at night, the lights change the bridge to rainbow colours :)

There's a replica of the statue of liberty here.

And a real size Gundam that moves during show time.

With Lil Ezra,  imagine if we have 2 kids! 

That night we shopped around Akihabara,  got the feel of the worst earthquake during our stay (not so bad, Alhamdulillah), packed up because the next day, I'm leaving to Chiba prefacture for work.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

My last day in Tsukuba :)

Hye everyoneeee *wave*

I'm in Japan currently. Been here since Tuesday.  Alone. No Ks.

My first time leaving Khaira made the both of us so miserable. She kept asking mom why I didn't bring her. Sadddd.. it's 2 am now in Japan.  Couldn't sleep cuz I was so excited counting down the time I got to hold her again.

Japan has been fun. It was in between fall and winter now. Temperature ranges between 1 degree to 13 degrees. I survived with only 3 layers; long john, normal clothing and jacket since it wasn't that windy compared to Korea. Long john is a must, it really helps a lot.

I'm here for some trainings actually. At the moment I am in Tsukuba, my training is at Natural Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster (NIED). Basically I'm learning on how the Japanese alert the residents when disaster happens. So we can have a flood and landslide monitoring system in our country as well.

Before you saw the geeky side of me, let me just stop and share with you the pictures..

Day 1.

Arrived at Tsukuba around 9.30 am and straight to NIED.. omgggg so beutiful Subhanallah..

The Japanese technology amazed me, I was speechless looking at their research. So ethical and sincere and hi tech.

I stayed at Toyoko-Inn hotel which was in Kenkyu Gakuen. A station away was Tsukuba station which was filled with shopping malls. Seriously, shopping malls are everywhere here. Had dinner there that night.

Day 2.

Started the training with a presentation on what we have done for flood and landslide monitoring in our country so far.

After training, we took an hour train to Akihabara, Tokyo. This is like Low Yat, since I am here for work, I took the opportunity to survey their technology in gadgets and such. So geek I know.

Slept over at my friend's hotel because I was scared to walk alone to my hotel and also because it became so lonely to a point that I felt like I could break into tears anytime, missing my lil ones..

Day 3.

Woke up really early.. it was so cold.. and we strolled down the park near my friend's hotel before the training.

It was a half day training before we moved to visit Ibaraki University which was an hour and a half away from Tsukuba.

That night, I shopped for a while at one of the malls near Tsukuba station and off to pack my stuff for the morning.

Day 4.

Checked out, left my bag and shop again for some souvenirs in Ijas mall near my hotel.

So hard to find clothes for people back at home, everything is for winter.

Then I left Tsukuba for good and started my lonely journey to Tokyo. See you in my next entry.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Leaving my baby

I'm leaving to Japan tonight for work. Alone. Without my baby.

Even typing that causes a hollow in my heart.

I'll be there for 10 days. Love will come on night of the 4th day with K.

I don't know how I'm gonna survive without her. The first day ever in her almost 26 months life in this world.

But I received a good news yesterday, making the lonely nights in Japan bearable.

Of course I'm dying to share.

But let's wait until I got back from Japan.

Pray for a safe trip for us. In shaa Allah.  Ameen.

In the mean time, I leave you with an idea of how paranoid a mommy can be, leaving her daughter flying alone with the dad.