Monday, February 24, 2014

Kursus right brain from ipn - A review

Last Saturday, Love and I went to Kursus Right Brain from ipn, the speaker was non other than Puan Lina. My verdict..


We learned so much in such short period. Sharing with you here, I guess was not as exciting as attending the course yourself. Masya Allah.. so much activities that will just open your eyes like never before :)

Nonetheless, I'm gonna share with you the gist of the talk.

Right brain is important because it enhances your long term memorization, awareness and imagination. Most of the time, our right brain capability decreases from 6 years old and above and as we get older, our right brain tends to go to sleep. This is because our education system is mostly based on left brain. So, we need to stimulate our children's right brain so that they use both sides of brain equally.

What I learned from the talk:

1. Memorization

Puan Lina introduced simple memorization game that I already tried for Khaira.

As of now, we arranged two cards of different colours and we asked Khaira to copy that same combination. It took a while for her to understand the game.

Home made memorization game for Lil K
A few days later, once she understand, you arrange back the two cards of different combination, let her see it for a few seconds. Then, hide the combination and see if she can memorize the same combination and arrange the cards herself.

If she can, you decrease the time for her to look at the card before you hide it and put more combinations.

Simple as that. Very practical and doable.

Then, you can try to ask her to memorize combination of alphabets, numbers or even pictures.

2. Pegging

I honestly think I'm good at memorizing things, Alhamdulillah. If you give me a combination of things, in shaa Allah I can memorize it.. Short term.

How to still remember it tomorrow (long term)?

Here's the trick Puan Lina taught us. Memory pegging. First, you need to peg each number to each thing. It can be anything but make sure you remember it for the rest of your life.

1. Unicorn
2. Bicycle
3. Triangle

And here's the list of things that you need to remember:
1. Egg
2. Bread
3. Milk

How to memorize it in sequence and in a long term is to peg the thing that you need to memorize to the pegging that you created. Create a story, the more ridiculous the story is, the better.

1. There's an egg stuck at the end of the unicorn's horn
2. A bicycle that sells bread macam Bai Roti
3. The triangle shape of the box of your milk

It can even apply to other languages, we tried that in class. Works like magic :) Only that you need to create a story fast, and like almost any other things in the world, that takes a lot of practice.

3. Linking

If you need to memorize a series of pictures, try to make a story out of it.

Let's say I ask you to memorize a picture of a rabbit, a house, a strawberry, a flower, and a cup of hot chocolate.

Link each picture together and create a story out of it.

For example, a rabbit enters a house that smells like strawberry, but actually it is a smell of a flower inside a cup of hot chocolate.

Easy peasy, I memorized ten random pictures in a jiffy, how cool is that? Still remember the pictures that I memorized last Saturday up to the point I typed my post.

4. Memorize numbers in a group.

If I give you a random set of numbers:


How fast can you memorize this set?

The tip is to memorize it in a group.

Try and it works for me!!

5. Speed reading

Reading is my passion. In average I believe I read one book a month. I don't have a problem with speed reading.

But it's a skill that can be easily mastered if you teach your children how to do it.

Rather than reading each word with a stop, try to increase to make it two words with a stop, then 3. Eventually in the end, you'll just read the whole sentence or paragraph at one go.

6. Awareness

Creating awareness to your children towards their surrounding helps stimulating their right brain as well.

For example, show this flash card to them to teach them A, B, C.

Then, hide the flashcard and ask the following questions to exercise their brain to be alert all the time.


1. What colour is the ape?
2. How many legs of the apes can you see?

That's all for my sharing session today. Good luck Mommies!! Please please please join her class if you have the opportunity to, very inspiring la this lady!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

So in love.

It's been a while since I last update on my Lil ones.

It's been a devastating beginning of year for me. A few weeks ago, my uncle was diagnosed to have 4th stage lung cancer and he passed away 2 days after. A week afterwards.. my aunt passed away due to high blood pressure. Hence the silence.

I haven't even over Uncle Mi whom passed away on my birthday.. Khaira still asked every now and then, "Lama Tok Mi tak datang.. kenapa?"

Khaira is healthy as always Alhamdulillah. Getting more intelligent. About to master her fatha, qasra, and dhamma. Manja as ever.

The only time I brought her to my lab and  yay she behaves well!!

During my morning sickness moment she would always check on me, "ibu ok? Nak muntah ke?" And massaged me here and there. So like Abi.

She found joy feeding me my acid folic every night. Last night I was so tired I fell asleep first. She was about to fall asleep in my arms when she whispered, "Ibu.."

I opened my eyes and those were her following words, "belum makan ubat."

So with all might, she got out the bed, took all the hassle to get my medicine and religiously feed me the acid folic.

How to not love this girl. She's an angel. Alhamdulillah.

Monday, February 17, 2014

My talk on "Finishing PhD on time - how I did it"

The story must be a little bit basi by this time around. Gosh I was sooo busy.. feel like I'm still doing my phd. Catching with the aftermaths of phd, the projects that I cleverly committed myself into, the professional engineeringship I was chasing and of course the gentle birth I'm preparing myself for.


Yet the talk I gave for my uni on how I finish my phd on time was an excellent one. Omg I got so many positive vibes afterwards, overwhelming with people came from other uni as well to thank me and hugs me. Overflowed with emails and whatsapps.

I was so flattered and happy to have the opportunity to inspire people. I guess when you make people happy you're just thousand times happier.

Some of my lecturers during bachelor degree messaged me afterwards to congratulate on the success of the talk. But I must say this one brings tears to my eyes.. and boy was I glad I made him proud.

The uni is in progress of publishing the video online. Will share with you the link in shaa Allah. :) and will share more on the content of the talk. So busy I actualy typed this in the middle of my conference.