Monday, February 17, 2014

My talk on "Finishing PhD on time - how I did it"

The story must be a little bit basi by this time around. Gosh I was sooo busy.. feel like I'm still doing my phd. Catching with the aftermaths of phd, the projects that I cleverly committed myself into, the professional engineeringship I was chasing and of course the gentle birth I'm preparing myself for.


Yet the talk I gave for my uni on how I finish my phd on time was an excellent one. Omg I got so many positive vibes afterwards, overwhelming with people came from other uni as well to thank me and hugs me. Overflowed with emails and whatsapps.

I was so flattered and happy to have the opportunity to inspire people. I guess when you make people happy you're just thousand times happier.

Some of my lecturers during bachelor degree messaged me afterwards to congratulate on the success of the talk. But I must say this one brings tears to my eyes.. and boy was I glad I made him proud.

The uni is in progress of publishing the video online. Will share with you the link in shaa Allah. :) and will share more on the content of the talk. So busy I actualy typed this in the middle of my conference.