Tuesday, March 4, 2014

From digital flashcard to book: How I teach my toddler Hijaiyah

Yesterday marks one of the happiest day in my life.

Considering I was a working mother doing my PhD part time at the beginning of Khaira's life, I didn't have much time to spend with Khaira to teach her Hijaiyah everyday.

5 minutes every day (I try my best to make it a daily thingy but to be honest max is only 4 times a week), that's all I could afford at that time.

I started when she was 1 y.o. But I discovered bringing the flashcards everywhere was a chaos. She started biting them, spoiling food over them, I know I should just let it be, but urmm.. OCD much?

So I decided to be creative.. I downloaded this apps..

Alif Ba Ta Sign One
Since every time the hijaiyah appears, it produces a sound, I decided to print screen each Hijaiyah and use it somewhat like flashcard to my little girl. Because you bring your phone everywhere, I can do it at my own convenience.

Teaching her aa, ba, ta to ya was an exciting task. She was very obedient and excited everytime I took out my phone. Because the reward is that, she can watch Barney from my phone afterwards. Only that, I found Barqy method works easily for her compared to Furqan. Probably because the set of letters they introduced were closer to her heart.

Began with, "Na, ma, sa, ya". Then, "Ka, ta, ja, wa." 4 letters a week, then I switched.

The challenge came when I was teaching her fatha, qasra and dhamma (tanda atas, baris dan depan). But I figured, persistent is the key. I found doa helps me increase my patient and in the end, I am always at peace every time I teach her. Because they said you absorbed more when you're happy.

In the end, we want them to respect us, not scared of us.

I was in my morning (make it all day) sickness during her fatha, qasra and dhamma stage. I could barely find time to teach her because I was so busy vomiting throughout the night.

I downloaded this app called My First Iqra',

Did a little editing using my Note (I'm so in love with my Note 2, she's 14 months today!), and I taught her whenever I was well. Sometimes by the side of the road while waiting for my sate.

Then, I figured I was done with flashcards, let's give Furqan book a try. My first attempt yesterday made me a proud mother until now..

Alhamdulillah :) Penat lelah felt so worth it!! Who thought 5 minutes every other day and now she's at this stage.

 Lepas ni huruf sambung pula, doakan :)

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