Monday, March 31, 2014

Of death and loved ones

In less than a year, I've lost five relatives back to back.

Both of my grandmothers, two uncles and an aunt.

There are a lot of things both Love and I learned from these losses, one of them is to make sure all the things we work hard for (in another words, our savings) are well utilized by our loved ones.

So, we took a leave last Friday.

First stop is to Tabung Haji. To put a 'Penama' for Tabung Haji is very straight forward. Just get a form, you can fill up to two Penamas. If anything happens to you, the savings will go to the first Penama. He/She will be the one to distribute all the money. If anything happens to both the first Penama and you, the money will go to the second Penama. Then, they need your fingerprint and just submit the form to the counter. In less than a minute, the process is complete.

The second stop is to ASNB. Here is where complications began.

See, I have two accounts with ASNB: ASB and ASW. Love has three: ASB, ASW and ASM.

Both of us have ASB loans; in which will end in 2030.

The Hibah Amanah program (the program they named for you to put the Penama for your savings) works in a way that:

1. You cannot have any loan (which is so leceh because our major portion of money is in ASB and we have loans there)
2. It comes with a charge of RM180 a lifetime, and RM10 every year
3. You can have up to 10 Penamas and you can put the percentage for each Penama (each Penama needs a siganture, a copy of IC and for all Penama needs one witness)
4. If anything happen to any of the Penama, that portion of money that should go to that Penama will go to Amanah Raya.

As if it is not troublesome enough for me, I have now difficulty in withdrawing my money because I was born with a rare case of eczema that changes my fingerprints every now and then. In another words, my IC and fingerprints do not match with each other.

The agents (CIMB, post office) said I need to withdraw them only at ASNB. But ASNB said, I need to get a letter from JPN. Which is sooo troublesome.

Now, I'm thinking of closing my ASW account and withdraw most of my money from ASB to put it in my Tabung Haji. Sorry lah ASNB, not only troubling me with the syariah compliance issue and the fact that Tabung Haji's dividend is better nowadays, you just have to make life a lotttt harder with all these.

So, what's left now is EPF. The problem is, it needs a witness whom is non other than your Penama. I hope to get it done in near time.

If you're wondering what happens to all your savings once you're not around, it'll go to Amanah Raya and the process takes ages. Hence, the post.


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