Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sultan Muhammad Al Fateh Penakluk Konstantinopel - A review

I finished reading this book finally. I started the first couple of pages on the way to Japan last time, and it got me crying in the airport and the last few pages left me crying unconsolably.

The extend a Sultan went through to realize a hadith left me speechless.

"Lataftahanna al-Qustantiniyya wa lani`ma al-amiru amiruha wa lani`ma
al-jayshu dhalika al-jaysh."

"Verily you shall conquer Constantinople. What a wonderful leader will her
leader be, and what a wonderful army will that army be!"

It started with the father of Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh, in which he was devastated as he couldn't conquer Constantinople. He asked if he was not a good leader, and that was when the people said he was indeed a good leader. And that they predicted that his son would be the one to conquer the city.

When Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh was born, his father's mission was for him to achieve akhirat as well as duniawi. Juggling between leadership and religion and the skills of becoming a great army.

At the same time, they monitored closely to ensure they had the greatest army, those whom obey Islamic's rules. Those who woke up every night for Solat sunat, and obeyed their Sultan's instructions like no other.

When they have a great army already, their mission was to have a good rakyat. Both the father and Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh pretended to be normal citizens to study about their rakyat. And they worked hard to stop all the corruptions and the things the rakyat did that were the opposite of Islam.

Until finally the Sultan achieved his victory with much hardship and faith towards the Almighty. Masha Allah.

Among the last pages of the book, when the Sultan managed to conquer the Aya Sophia church and turned it into a mosque, he looked for someone to be the first Imam for the mosque.

He asked the hundred thousands of his army, "Who among you have ever missed five times a day solat, please sit down."

None of them sat down, people. NONE.

Then he asked, "Who among you have ever missed solat sunat rawwatib, please sit down."

Half of his army sat down.

Then he asked, ""Who among you have ever missed solat sunat tahajjud, please sit down."

Everybody sat down except him. A Sultan. God knows how busy he was. But yettt... Huwaaaa..

That left me crying. Insaf sangaattttt!! :( And so he became the first imam for the mosque.

A must read, darlings. A must.

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