Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Lost Symbol - A review

So, I bought this book in BBW 2013 - illustrated version for RM8. Such a highlight of my day at that time, because I'm one huge fan of Dan Brown.

Like any typical Dan Brown's book, this one is very mind stimulating. On code deciphering, and action, and history, every wow factor is there.

It discusses on Katherine Solomon whose research is based on mind power (yay!), where she tries to prove the ability of our mind using science. Her brother, Peter Solomon is the 33rd degree Mason whom has been kidnapped by Mal'akh because he wants to unveil the secret of the Mason. So the whole point of this story is actually for Langdon and Katherine to decipher a Mason map for the kidnapper, so that the kidnapper would release Peter.

Complications and a lottt of fun deciphering along the way.

My brother wanted to borrow this from me. But after I finished reading the whole thing, I decided to ignore his request. Having to say that, I wouldn't suggest this to a lot of you, because like most of Dan Brown's book.. it is controversial.

Remember Dan Brown, how he claims Jesus had an unborn baby when he was crucified.

This time around, he claims that the word "we" in Bible is not referring to the plurality of the Gods, but rather God is within us, ie. our mind. Everything is controlled by the mind and "we" is referring to everybody's mind.


I don't like to go there, I don't even like it how Law of Attraction and The Secret could mislead us to think that our mind can control anything. Because it doesn't stop there. I believe in the end it all relates back to the Almighty, we have good faith in Him and in returns He grants our doa, simple as that.

I don't like to go there. So I'm gonna just stop :)

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