Monday, April 28, 2014

Our KK trip!

We booked our flight ticket to KK about a year ago during zero fare Air Asia. It wasn't because the deal was super crazy, but to find a time everyone was around nowadays was not as easy as it used to. I let them commit.

So on Friday morning, my whole family and I parked our car at Putrajaya erl and left to lcct via the ever convenient bus and train. I believe it's a much cheaper options than limo. Limo, return would cost us RM 300. Train + bus + parking fees at erl for two cars; 7 of us including 1 child cost only RM94. Plus, it is the only time Khaira gets the feel of travelling via public transport.

The flight was around 2.5 hours and we reached KK around 12 noon. Upon arrival, I booked an Alza for RM180 per day at the airport. And we headed to Kundasang straight away which took us another 2.5 hours driving with super beautiful view.

Day 1

We arrived at Kundasang at 4pm, right after ribut. We headed straight to Kinabalu National Park, which costs RM3 per adult with MyKad. But nothing much to see there. The view after raining is like in this picture..

Because of the tiring journey and the weather, we decided to just rest in our 2 floor chalet, Strawberry Garden Hotel at Kundasang that I booked throuh Agoda. It costs us RM350 per night and it is so worth it. I rate this 4.5 over 5.

At night, we had dinner at Nabalau cafe. Food in Kundasang is very pricey and the taste is so-so. Then, we slept as early as 9pm, which looks already like midnight in KL.

No nightlife whatsoever, but the sky was clear that night. I witnessed hundreds of stars above me. Just breath taking. And that evening, we watched the biggest rainbow in our life. Both I did not manage to capture using my camera. Sangaatttt cantik, subhanallah.

Day 2

We started the day super early. 5am already so bright in Kundasang. So we made a move at 6.30 am, and found ourselves the best spot to watch the Kinabalu mountain which was hiding the whole evening yesterday among the clouds. We were very lucky because at 8am, it hid again until evening.

After taking lots and lots of pics in several spots, we drove further up to Ranau, around 30 mins slow drive. We dropped by to this place called Kampung Luanti. Per adult costs you RM 5. It opens at 830 am.

Look at all the Kelah and catfish! They are very friendly, you can feed them, massage your feet and even hold them in your hand.

Then, Khaira had her first mandi sungai experience.  Imagine swimming with lots of fish around you. Seronok!

Then, otw back to hotel, we came across a signboard on Rafflesia. When I just arrived in Kundasang, I read a pamphlet saying that Rafflesia blooms every 15 months and that it blooms only for 7 days. Worth mentioning, last year it didn't bloom at all. Making it 30 months to bloom and it blooms right during our trip.

I've always wanted to watch Rafflesia since I was little. So I insisted Love to drive all the way there, 500 m of very challenging road, a car in front of us made a turn back. Then we paid RM 10 per adult. The tour guide made us hiked a very steep cliff. Imagine a 5 months pregnant lady hiking with a slipper. It was so worth it.

Without a doubt, my best selfie ever.

Then, we headed back to our chalet. Half an hour to pack and so we went to Desa Cattle where it feels like New Zealand here. Very breath taking view. You can feed and milk the cows and goats here. Entry is RM 4.

Then, another 2.5 hours drive to KK. And we checked in at KK Marina's court which again, I booked through Agoda. Cost us RM 320 per night for a 3 bedroom apartment. I rate this 5 over 5.

We settled down for a couple of hours. Then, we had our dinner at Philippines market which was 10 mins walk from our apartment. Had ourselves a lobster, crab, squids, butter prawns, jenahak, pari, chicken wings, air kelapa, all for RM 300. No pics in my camera. Crazy hungry at that time!

Did a little souvenir shopping and went back to rest. Such a lonnggggg day.

Day 3

Woke up early for a little swimming because the apartment has an irresistible swimming pool!

Then, we headed to Philippines market one more time. In the morning, there are more souvenirs. So we shopped a little bit. Too hot ok KK, I miss Kundasang already.

They sell pearls, brooch, kain batik, ikan masin, some Sabahan kuihs. I really couldn't enlighten you much, I'm not into shopping when travelling.

Before we knew it, we had to check out, had our lunch and waited for our flight home.

It felt sad to leave. Kundasang has been one of the best vacation I've been to. It'll be 11 months until my next vacation because I can no longer fly in a couple more weeks, then I'm gonna give birth, then confinement, then I have to wait until the baby is at least 6 months.

Sigh.. I already miss Kundasang.

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