Thursday, May 29, 2014

Preparing for every stage of your life

So I had a brunch with my colleagues just now when my ex-boss came and joined us. He was about to retire next month, I had high respect towards him when I was a student, even higher when he was my boss.

We had just a normal conversation at the beginning, but in the end, some of the things he said became the things I would remember for life.

"Women matured at the age of 27," he provoked. We laughed. I did not deny it, perhaps because some part of me feel like I'm a lot calmer nowadays, a lot at peace with everything.

"And really become a mother at the age of 36," he said.

"THIRTY SIX??" I asked and laughed.

"Yup. Parents nowadays do things heartlessly, lack of time management. When they feed their child, they do it heartlessly without passion and love in their heart. That is good enough as long as they're not looking at their phone or something.

Why is that so, because they're not prepared to have a child at the first place. Not physically, not mentally, not financially.

I prepared for every stage in my life. For me to retire, I prepare myself financially, physically even mentally for about a year ago."

And how to argue that with someone that achieves so much in life. That not only successful in career, but leaving the life I dream, travelling around the world with her wife non stop now.

*Insaf mode*

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