Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Frozen obsession

I was among the first to get up all excited when Frozen was released. Growing up with Disney's princesses, I still have a soft spot towards them.

But of course I didn't let my little girl watched it because of the subliminal messages and all. So, I wasn't very keen when my brother downloaded the movie for her without me knowing.

At first, everything seemed ok when Khaira got all excited with my purple shawl saying "nak pakai tudung macam Anna" referring to Anna's cape.

Then one night, she started playing at night when I was asleep. I asked her why wasn't she sleep? She replied, "Anna and Elsa played at night too."

Calmly I replied, "That's why Anna fell sick".

Works like magic.

Recently she told me, "Elsa naked in frozen!"

Love asked me to investigate. So I sat next to her scene by scene when she shouted, "There! Elsa naked!"

This is how Elsa looks like..

But, this is the scene where they cropped it making she looks as if she's naked in Khaira's eyes.

And the next scene she said, "Shame shame Elsa. Kain koyak"

Ok darling. No more Frozen for now.

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