Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth - A review

Since Ina May's book was a hype among my hypnobirthing friends, I searched for it high and low. Only to discover I could just buy it online.

Here's my first to many moree purchases using Kinokuniya Malaysia online. So efficient, now being a book shopahalic is easier. *take a scissor and considering cutting my credit cards only to realise internet banking can be my next option too, damnnnn*

Anyhow, I finished reading it a couple of days ago. At least for me I found the book rather disappointing :(

It started with a compilation of birth story which 1. I found them a bit scary. Some I even wonder why they share such stories there. I thought it's a gentle birth thingy. Hypnobirthing Malaysia has way cooler stories that you can actually relate. 2. I just couldn't relate all the stories; time difference and no I'm not gonna birth my baby in a farm.

Afterwards, the articles. Some made me better but most lagi laa scary. All the stories on side effects of episiotomy la, epidural la, some weird deseases I never heard of macam Rh negative complete with percentage.

How is that supposed to make me feel better I don't know...

So now, I'm reading Childbirth Without Fear, hoping I got that positive vibrants like the ones I have after reading Hypnobirth.


Anyhow, if you're interested with my review on Hypnobirth, please read it here I totally suggest this for all of you pregnan t mommies!

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