Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Berbuka with kesayangans Ramadhan 2014

We have missed the first two weekends of Ramadhan since Love was warded due to dengue.

That Friday after Love recovered, we went to TGI Friday's Paradigm Mall with my dearest Uniten clans. Incomplete since Mel, Farah and Mimi had to cancel last minute. But still so much fun nonetheless.

Look at my cranky baby

The venue selection was just so so. Traffic was super clear to Paradigm. We left at 615pm and we arrived just before buka. I booked a table earlier but they forgot our reservation. Not making me happy since they gave table at the outside and Khaira apa lagi.. running around lah since dekat dengan air pancut outside. Sigh.. But the surau in Paradigm was very convenient :)

My forever fav food in TGIF is always the Nachos!

Then, on Saturday we went to The Club for buka puasa with Love's relatives. Khaira by that time socialized well with kids near her age. Made our day ♥

Sunday, had our buka at my grandmom's crib. Sighh.. the only grandmom we have this year. I can't imagine how Raya would be..

Monday, went to Tony Roma's Citta Mall with Love's uni clans. Ok. Best gile. Service was superb. Food was delish. They threw us so many desserts and appetisers in the house. Would definitely go there again!! And boy, the surau was also convenient enough for me to bring Khaira in.

Ohh.. and Monday to Wednesday.. kids eat free! Khaira had so much fun because this particular branch is very kids friendly. And Tony Roma's always have the best caesar salad with grilled chicken. :)

Tuesday was Nuzul Quran. Had our usual buffet tradition at Kelab Darul Ehsan with the in laws. This year, they had violinist. Khaira was mesmerized so we had our buka peacefully. And later she danced non stop to the music. I have no complain at all on the food. But the surau, memang can be improved a lot lah. Hopefully next year.

Spot Khaira

The fourth weekend on Saturday, we had Papa John's all you can eat at IPC for buka with the Ampang clan. We bought the Groupon deal, RM 82 for 3 pax. The service in IPC was super duper slow.. totally wouldn't recommend this place for buka.

Then on Sunday, went to Cozy House for buka with my SABians dearest. Reservation please if you intend to buka here. And must place your order before 4pm on that day. No website for the menu, so must memorize the menu like that lah. So funny. Dah la ala carte served only after 8pm. But the food was super good so it was worth it.

The Friday just before Raya, I planned a date just the two of us with Love. Burger King + Hercules + all you can eat durian at SS2. It was a damn good one.

That Saturday, had dinner at Horizon Garden, Bangi with my family. It was a simple one, went back right after buka so we can have our Maghrib at home.

And the next day, Raya eve.. the tradition. We had all the ketupat and rendang for raya.

Alhamdulillah, ya Allah for giving me the opportunity to have this Ramadhan and Raya.. I must have been so blessed :)

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