Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Khaira's salon haircut

Felt like supermommy these past couple of weeks.

Love has been down with dengue, but life must go on especially that the EDD is nearing!!

I went grocery hunting, with a trolley full with stuff.. alone twice. Imagine me with perut so big and fasting some more to carry all that from trolley to car pun tak larat. But I believe Allah SWT sees every good deeds. Love always helped people around and true enough, both times, a guy helped me out with the heavy stuff. My doa so that good things will happen to both their wives in return.

House chores lagi, all the laundry and stuff.. Alhamdulillah, given the strength to manage everything. Especially with the online shopping, Lazada I love you!

But the most important thing was that, I managed to bring my little girl for her raya haircut. Her first salon experience. She was so calm, no gadget needed until the stylist started to blow dry her hair. Hehe..

Good job, Little K!!

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