Monday, August 25, 2014

The whats and whys

Khaira talks a lot. Seriously a lottttt.. No surprise there since both Love and I are a bit on the chatty side. I always enjoy talking to her especially when she talks about her imaginary friends. We love that creative side of her.

But.. oh myyy lately she asks too many whats and whys. If that is not memeningkan enough, she would do it over and over again.

"Ibu, why is Aisha crying?"

A minute after that, "Why is she crying?"

2 minutes afterwards, when Aisha actually stopped crying, "Why did Aisha cry just now?"

The next day, "why did she cry yesterday while changing her diapers?"

*bang head against wall*

I came across an article about toddler asking the questions repeatedly and felt so much better afterwards.

The reasons why they asked questions repeatedly:

1. They are of course curious and your answers are not clear enough for them to understand

2. To seek for attention

Both needs me to improvise my parenting skill (T_T). That actuallly helps me become a lot more patience with her. So I just thought of sharing.

But if you need to put an end to her endless repetitive questions, here's what the article suggested you to do:

"Why do you think she cries?"

Ask for her opinion instead.

But what Love did normally was explaining to Khaira in a really really technical term I doubt she understood. Then she would stopped asking altogether.

Works everytime.

He must bore her to max. Hehe.

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