Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Name for my other Asyikin

In 2011, I shared the story on how I got Khaira's name. Read the story here.

This time around, we decided to give Aisha's name way before I was conceived.

It was on one of the saddest Friday in my life. I remember it clearly, just before Friday prayer, I received a call that made me rushed back from work straight to Ampang. Right after I submitted my thesis. Driving. Alone. Eyes blurry with tears.

And the next thing I know was that I was looking at arwah nenek for the last time. All the conversations we had, linger in my mind. Holding Love's hand. God knows how he felt at that time. My heart shattered by the sight of him.

We sat there, and I said, "If I was to get pregnant again, and if it's a girl, let's name her after nenek's name."

He agreed.

Then, a few months after.. I was pregnant. It was a girl.

Hence, the name Aisha Asyikin.

Dear Aisha, may you grow up as 'lively' as your name, following the personality of the Prophet's wife and a srikandi like your late moyang.


This merdeka day, we had the chance to watch nenek again. How she talked, how she moved,  we were there during the interview. Pengubat rindu.

Nenek and Khaira, trying to capture whatever left of the memory 

Al fatihah. You'll always be missed, Nek.

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