Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The PAO method

The best thing about maternity leave is that you got to watch a lot of tvs. While nursing, while both of them were sleeping. Fun fun fun!

I kind of have these sick obsession with aliens and serial killers, so while scrolling over 551 onwards, disappointed not to find Anicent Aliens on air, I stopped at Discovery channel. A program called 'Redesign my brain'.

This story is about a tv personality that undergoes a brain training and I somehow interested with one simple memorization technique called PAO method for you to ease up your memorization technique. PAO stands for Person Action Object. Previously, I shared the memorization techniques I learned from Puan Lina's short course, read here. Perhaps this can be the addendum.

It is very simple actually.

Let's say I give you a card; Ace of Spades. How to remember it with PAO method is like this..

Firstly, look at the initial. A for Ace and S for Spades.

Think of a person with that initial.. For example Adam Sandler.

One of the movie he acted in is Happy Gilmore where he was a golfer there.

So the action is playing.

And the object is golf ball.

It sticks in your mind easier when you visualize. So with the PAO method, it helps your brain to visualize.

Simple sharing. But I hope it helps.

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