Monday, November 3, 2014

Being considerate

Yesterday was a super tiring day.

I started working right after Deepavali. Class started full force yesterday.

2 hours lecture. First time in theatre. And being an annoying lecturer as always, I love walking around the class.

Only this time.. need to climb stairs. Using my 2 inches heels. (T_T)

Came home to find Aisha was cranky the whole day due to her 3 months vaccination. Still cranky when I got home, I couldn't do anything else except calming her down since mom was super tired already.

On top of it, Khaira demanded my attention and I couldn't take the stress. Scolded her a bit. Deep inside, I thought, "Can't  you just be a lil bit considerate Khaira? Had a tiring day today."

After both of them calmed down, I had a chat with mom. And she said Khaira had been pretty much abandoned the whole day cuz mom was so occupied with Aisha.

Poor baby..

I hugged Khaira and realized I was the one whom being inconsiderate to her. I'm sorry, Darling..

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