Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Melahirkan Bayi Genius Akhir Zaman - A review

I'm done reading this in less than two weeks. Don't ask my verdict. I'm bias like that towards Puan Lina Karim.

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The best RM56 I spent on (RM6 charged by pay pal; RM0 for printing sebab Love printkan, Tq Sayang!).

I especially love Chapter 7.

Some notes worth sharing:

1. Babies start hearing as early as they are 5 months in the womb. If we train them to listen to Quran, in shaa Allah, when they come to the world, they would be familiar with the Quran and at ease everytime they listen to it.

2. They have the sense of touch as early as week 8. Rubbing your tummy will generate a lot of oxytocin receptors. I discussed about oxytocin many times before in my blog. It is a happy hormone that will ease your birthing process and make your baby happier in the tummy (hence healthy and more adaptable because the baby feels loved). So, be happy especially when you are pregnant, unhappiness leads to the development of cortisol; a hormone that can cause brain damage as well as lowering down your baby's antibody.

3. The sense of taste develops during week 13 to 15. So, eat healthily. Dates help the babies to speak earlier later on. Don't forget the happy pills; Vitamin B (Acid Folic is one of them). I took Vit B with Acid Folic during my first trimester to ease up my morning sickness. Apparently, Puan Lina did mention morning sickness helps you clean yourselves internally when you are pregnant, a new insight :)

4. The sense of smell develops at week 11 to 15; they can smell the amniotic fluid which is similar to the smell of their mother; hence they recognize the mother the moment they were born.

6. At week 16 onwards, baby can start seeing and recognizing whether the outside of the tummy is dark or otherwise. After week 27, you can start stimulating them by using torch light directs to your tummy.

7. You can start a routine for your baby since in the tummy. Fix time to solat, sleep, eat and play so that it creates their muscle memory and they can hopefully continue with the sleep routine as they come out of the womb.

So many points I wish to share.. But I guess, it will never be the same; not comparable with Puan Lina's explanation.

My suggestion..


For pregnant mommies who are reading this, happy birthing and enjoy your pregnancy because you're the chosen ones!!~

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