Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Aisha's aqiqah

I just realized I haven't blogged about Aisha's aqiqah!!!

It was a small event, celebrated together with Khaira's birthday. Only family members and colleagues on 18th October; Aisha was 2 months plus.

We had the marhaban group from our surau as usual and the foods were cooked by my friend's mom; which was yummy!

Afterwards, we shaved her botak just like Khaira.

She didn't  have much hair to begin with; so not much difference the before and after.

Khaira of course had a blast on her birthday. Received so many Frozen stuffs, we could open a shop, hehe.

Cake done by my SIL where Khaira requested for Barney. Which she changed her mind 2 days before the event; said she wanted Frozen cake which was too late 

Nonetheless, she was the happiest girl wearing Anna inspired dress from my dad. Now that she appreciates birthdays more, I am really considering of having clowns for her 4th birthday. In shaa Allah :)

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