Sunday, January 11, 2015

Khaira's first day in kindy..

..had been hard for both of us.

When we left her that morning, she was alright. Didn't cry and quickly made friends.

When I picked her up, I remembered she was having her Asar prayer.What a beautiful sight. Afterwards, I called her name softly, she looked at me, ran and hugged me and said, "Ibu.." And cried horribly.

And the reality sunk in.

Long story short, Khaira had been hit by a part time teacher on the first day of school because she took out the numbers on the wall.

I don't feel like telling the whole detail, because it hurts. She was traumatized ever since. Her first time away from her family had been traumatized. My first time letting my baby go to a stranger's hand with good faith had been tarnished.

And it will never be the same again.

Berdosanya what I'm gonna say after this, but, selagi teacher yang pukul Khaira tak cakap sorry to me and Khaira, selagi tu, whatever she gained from that one day dia jaga Khaira from me, satu sen pun I tak berkatkan. Jadilah darah daging dia dengan duit yang I tak berkatkan tu. How could you.. If you ever read this, teacher, I could easily serang you with the CCTV's evidence, but, it's definitely not worth it. Violence is not how my daughter and I have been raised up with.

So, the drama goes on.. Up until today, she was traumatized of having left at her school.

I was on the verge of crying at any moment my little girl came to my mind; which was all the time.

I can only leave you with my doa and prayers, Allah swt is with you, my darling. Let's just hope we get over this phase with patience.

Letting go is the hardest thing, ya Allah. Grant me strength.

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Anonymous said...

oh my...
sedihnya baca..seriously ikin...
cant imagine if it happen to aaila and in fact on anybody kid.
seriously teacher?? on the first day? and hit some more!. what happen with slow talk method??

im not condeming lil caliph, but the fact that i've heard bad experience with the branches from two of my close relative buatkan i have few thought of sending aaila there..

sorry being emotional, but really.. i cant accept this teacher act!!