Saturday, May 23, 2015

Anniversary and my first boss

I had to work on my anniversary, how fun? It was quite fun actually because I had training on Beaglebone. Geek stuff, so boring.

Colleague  sent this 9gag material to us during our training in ITMS; the IT lab

Love had to go to Puspakom and JPJ. Oh.. we sold our Punto and bought a new Iriz with 522 plate number (May 22nd; the anniversary, so cheesy the husband, my kind of cheesy).

Later in the evening, we went for a simple anniversary celebration at Secret Recipe, IOI city mall.

Guess who we met?

My ex first boss. Back when I was done with my SPM and had a 6 months part time job at Nando's Maluri.

Back when Love came all the way with taxi to Nando's and waited patiently for my lunch time to spend time with me.

"Have you tried making small talks with the customer," I remember once this boss asked me. I was not the best at making small talks.

"What for?" I asked naively.

"Sometimes it's not the food that they are paying for. It's the service."

Years down the road I couldn't agree more.

Later on.. we became close. He helped me to get my driving license. He would occasionally pay for my family's dinner and Love's lunch at Nando's.

Those family I worked with in Nando's.. they don't necessarily need to earn handsomely to have such fun life. I learned a lot from them.

"So, I have to call you doctor now?" my boss asked me.

"Don't you dare!" I laughed.

"13 years down the road, you're already a doctor," he said, grabbing the receipt waiter sent to us, insisting to pay, so typical of him.

13 years already?? I was shocked.

I don't remember much all those deep, meaningful conversations he taught me, I wish I do.

But the feeling a mentor left me still lingers. The feeling of being so loved is so strong that it makes me believe I can do anything in the world. Just like how he praised me in monthly meeting for making customers felt comfortable in the restaurant for my small talks. My biggest achievement at that time looked so silly now.

I wonder if I can ever left my students with that kind of feeling later on in their life.

Meeting one of the men I respected most in life during our anniversary has got to serve as a reminder for us, Alhamdulillah.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother daughter bonding time

Khaira had so many funny requests in a day.

"Ibu, do you mind telling me the story of Ikan Nun and Nabi Yunus?"

If it was for the third time of the day already, I would just asked her to go to Abi instead.

"Ibu, nak Ibu pakaikan seluar." Always when I nursed Aisha.

But lately was,

"Nak ikut Ibu pergi kerja."


"Nak Ibu manjakan Khaira."

Then I realized it has been the longest time since I spent a quality time with her.

Right after my industrial training visit on Friday, I rushed back home. Arrived slightly before 6pm, picked her up, off to Jusco. I only have an hour, but I was determined to make it a quality time.

I dropped off at Studio R and bought her a new pair of slipper.

Then to Jusco to buy her a dress and 3 blouses.

Because this week Khaira moved to Book 3 (she was the first one to start book 3, it's only May), she deserved all the presents. Teacher targeted book 3 for 5 y.o.

Another dress for Aisha, 2 pairs of leggings and 2 new sippy cups.

Looked at the clock, it was just 45 minutes, such shopping skills I acquired as a mother of two now. *blows nail*

"We still have 15 minutes before 7pm. Would you like a slice of cake?"

She hugged me.

This reaction is priceless.

And all she need is an hour from this freaking busy mother? What have I become?

Oh no worries about Aisha, she was happy with my mom when we were out.