Monday, June 29, 2015

Ok, so you're popular..

At times facebook can be depressing.

Like the aftermath of Pilihanraya made me leave the country with no Internet connection, found total bliss.

And these couple of days my news feed is flooded with a "diva" as what he called himself and a restaurant near my in law's house called Menate. Story went like this.. This diva asked which place to go for a steak. And a girl suggested this "Menate" restaurant. He thought the girl insulted him by calling him "menate" as in binatang/animal. And condemned the girl with words that for me the worst I read in my entire life. When he was being explained what she meant, being a sore loser, started to say that the place is not his level. He only ate at Chili's and Nando's (which by the way not even a steak house and not even in Menate's level). Even came out with a viral video condemning that place when pointed out that the chef used to cook for the Queen of England. 

Merepek ok.

Reminded me of a story that I believe I should clarify.

Not long ago, my university invited a famous actress to give a talk to our uni. Title nya, "From zero to hero." Which we all did not understand the relevance. Did not agree as well.

The day came, and this beautiful actress did not turn up. Which we did not bother pun sebab she was being replaced by a very wonderful speaker instead.

The next day, she went hysterical via facebook and instagram blaming our university that she did not at all agree to be part of the whole event. She never made aware of it and basically tarnish our name with her childish status.

The following day, her PA later apologized, saying that the communication breakdown was on their part. The actress deleted all her status. Never apologized. And later after the PA's status became crazy with the netizens anger, the PA just deleted the status as well just like that.

Merepek ok.

Celebrities.. you are not God, for God's sake. We don't expect you to know everything. Menate is a small restaurant, we don't expect you to know. Our uni's invitation might be insignificant compared to your super hectic schedule, we understand. 

It's ok to do mistakes.

All you need to do is admit them and move on. 

The world is round you know. You can at least have my respect. But rather you chose me to boycott your tudung product. Hehe..

K.. post emo dah banyak kali nak tulis, only now tak tahan sgt. Sorry for the emo post guys!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

IPN's mental arithmetic class - a review

So I spent my Saturday here..

Been to right brain last year, so I only attended the mental arithmetic ones. Read my review on right brain here.

I was introduced by my dad to mental arithmetic class when I was in Standard 3. He sent me to UC Mas a tad bit too late because I was so used of the old method and thought my congak was so much faster than mental arithmetic.

I was one of the best; if not the best math student in my school. Inherited it from my dad, so congak became a nature to me. I lost interest in mental arithmetic which caused me to skip tuition and spent my two hours in playground having Maggi Ayam instant with my friend instead.

Dear Allah, please let my daughters be so much better than me.

Anyhow, I have always thought mental arithmetic is useful. Was sooo happy attending the class with Puan Lina's aura; please please please go. I had so much fun.

Having said that, let me give you an overview on how to introduce mental arithmetic for your kids.

You need an abacus; train them with abacus first before they can do mental arithmetic.

The most common abacus is split into two basic rows:

the top row for the "5"s, and
the bottom row for the "ones".

Use index finger to slide the top rows and your thumb to slide the bottom rows.

I did this using powerpoint so you guys can have a clearer picture on how to use the abacus. So first, these are all that you need to teach your kids, and currently what I'm teaching Khaira. I tried only once a week with her.

I will update the next step. Till then, doakan for the strength for me to write more often!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"You must have done something right"

I woke up all emotional yesterday, one of my good friend, Kak Husna was about to have her PhD viva that morning and I could not be there with her because I was one of the panels for the internship program's interview held by my parent company.

The turnover of the interview was very poor, 2 out of 9 students came. When asked why, one of the candidates said the email went to her "Junk mail" and defended those who did not come.

"But you are here," one of the panels, Mr. O pointed out.

"I am lucky because I happened to check my junk mail last night," she said innocently.

Then, Mr. O said something that hits me really hard..

"The fact that you are here today must mean you have done something right."


At noon, I received a message from my friend saying she passed her viva, and I was super ready to go out and celebrate with the girls.

In the car, on the way to Alamanda, we talked about how it is all rezeki from the Almighty. Once, a researcher received the best FRGS project and so many recognition, but nearly failed for her PhD viva. Us, with funny PhD projects, Alhamdulillah had such easy viva, the irony.

"It is unpredictable, all these," Kak Husna said.

Well Dr. Husna, the fact that you are here today, doing minor correction for your PhD thesis must mean you have done something right.

That simple sentence somehow has a powerful comforting effect towards me.

You must have done something right..

How Allah swt is fair.

A book on Al Fateh for boys

My man doesn't read.

Especially books with lotsa reading needs to be done. I cannot imagine him reading Pak Latip's book on Al Fateh cover to cover.

For those men, who don't read and yet keen to know about Al Fateh, I suggest to read this book.

Thin, with lots of mind maps and figures in it. Very informative, but..

So not my kinda book.

Hehe.. This thin, but took me 2 months to finish it.

Have a little faith - a review

The moment I read the first page of "Have a Little Faith", I realized how much I miss Albom.

It is not easy to find such honest writing as his nowadays. The journey with Albom has always been a fun one.

This book is a true story about the life of Albert Lewis, Albom's childhood rabbi. The rabbi asked Albom to deliver the eulogy for him during his funeral when the time came. Albom was a bit hesitant in a sense that he was too far drifted away from his own religion. But he did it anyway, took his time to visit the rabbi every now and then to get to know him more so he was able to write the eulogy for him. This book is about a journey of a lost man, finding back his own purpose of life, presented in a way that regardless whatever religion you are, it still fits you well, the objective.

Albom's writing in such delicate issue is a brilliant one.

I would strongly suggest you to read this one!!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Paths of glory by Jeffrey Archer - a review

My mentor has been continuously insiisting me to read any of Archer's books. He was convinced that I'm gonna like it.

I don't really read fiction except from Dan Brown and Sophie Kinsella. But back when I was in BBW 2 years ago, Archer's books  were selling for RM8 per piece. Who said no to that?

Finally, now I have time to start finishing off all the books I bought previously.

Paths of Glory is about a man who attempted to climb the Everest way before Sir Edmund Hillary. He left his wife and kids just for the mission and promised to leave his wife's photo at the peak of the mountain.

He was found many years after that, dead just before the peak of the mountain without the photo of his wife with him. Some speculated he made it to the top and was dead on the way down. Having that said, the history might changed.

Romance and such are typical spices of this kind of novel. But it's worth noting that in the end, his grandchild conquer the mountain and left the picture of both the grandparents at the peak saying he finally completed the family's business.

Archer's way of writing is kinda draggy. I so much prefer Dan Brown.

But I won't object of reading any other of his masterpiece because he is that good.

I'm reading another of his at the moment. Should catch up with my review soon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pangkor babyyyyy!!

That Saturday, we woke up early and left KL at 930am heading to Pangkor for 3 days 2 nights.

First day

Khaira has been obsessing about 'ship' ever since she watched "Kisah Nabi Yunus dan Ikan Nun." I don't usually fancy travelling by ferry, but this time it was different. The cost of the ferry was RM 10 per adult to and fro. Ferry arrived around half an hour interval starting from 730am.

The tiredness was totally worth it.. Look at these two..

We stayed at Coral Bay Resort 3 bedroom apartment; perfect for all 6 of us and the two girls.

As soon as we checked in, we had tea along Pantai Pasir Bogak which was in walking distance from the apartment. I was surprised to see so many hornbills. They're like crows here, almost everywhere. So, one selfie with the hornbill..

Later we went for souvenir hunting near the jetty. So cheap compared to jetty Lumut.

At night, we went to Teluk Nipah. Teluk Nipah is more like Malay area while Bogak are mostly Chinese. We had dinner there; so many gerai ikan bakar, you can just pick and choose. The ones we picked was so so, hence I would not recommend.

K insisted those were durians

Must see at Teluk Nipah: glow in the dark plankton at night and hornbills gather around in the morning.

Second day

The next day, weather was on our side. We spent the whole morning almost 4 hours by the Bogak beach.

The boys had fun fishing, mom had fun just chilling, the both of us had fun jet skiing, K had fun swimming and A had fun eating.. I mean playing with the sand.

After lunch and nap time, we went for archery provided in the Coral Bay compound. Merida wanna be was so happy. The rate was RM 20 for 20 arrows. They have paintball, treasure hunt and a lot more activities there.

Afterwards, the girls had the time of their lives swimming at swimming pool in the resort.

At night, we walked to the ikan bakar gerai next to the resort called seri ilham (kots) and I totally recommend this gerai. And the gerai burger next to the resort pon sedapppp!! Filled with carrots!

Later we tried looking for reflexology. Pangkor is not a commercialized pulau like Langkawi or Bali. Only three reflexologies we found; one near jetty, one in Bogak and one in Nipah. But the one in Bogak, the service sucks.

Third day

There was a play area in the resort K woke up to.

Then, they went swimming again..

We left to jetty pangkor around 12 noon. Bad timing.. people checked out at that time from hotel caused us to wait more than an hour for the ferry.. with the kids.. and the luggage. Penattttt..

For 3 days, the cost of the parking was around RM30.

Arrived home at 8pm and now busy settlekan laundry.

Overall, I think Pangkor is so so. Since I have been to only 3 islands in Malaysia, I would always want to return to Langkawi and Penang first before Pangkor. But considering this is my first time, I would say I had so much fun. 

The resort helped a lot.. I couldn't imagine staying in Nipah.. the road up there agak horror with the old Rusa that we rented for RM 250 throughout the stay. Of course with my family all there, I couldn't thank Him more.